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Art: Killer Nurse and Placid Seascape

We all know what happened next…8.5 by 11″ © Pamela Spiro Wagner All rights reserved.
Boats at Evening, after Monet, 11 by 14″ © Pamela Spiro Wagner All rights reserved.

I do not have a lot to say tonight after yesterday’s marathon writing session, but I wanted simply to share my latest artwork. The first one, the collage, is going to be part of a talk I give to a group in December…I won’t say to whom or where just yet. All I will say is that this is how most psychiatric nurses deal with patients: “You do what I say, or else…”

The seascape on the other hand was simply a doodle I did one day while looking through an art book. I saw this Monet of boats at Argenteuil and thought I would sort of copy it, though not really. I just didn’t have any boats or water nearby to paint, so I figured I would use his painting as a model, a close one, though I clearly did my own thing with it…(And I am no Monet!).

Artist Trading Cards: Egg, Goose, Frog and more…

Flying Goose, Eye in Eggshell, Blue-spotted Frog, and Face/Eye Abstract


All of these “trading cards”, 2.5 inches by 3.5 inches. Many were done at Natchaug Hospital and  are original one of a kind art. They are for sale. Tell me which one(s) you would like. We can work it out. (Payment is always in art supplies equivalences, by the way. No “cash” or other monetary payments accepted.)


Purple Cone flowers,  Best in Show, No Exit from the Bin, and Mighty Manfred Makes an Entrance


Biohard Balloons; Blue Flipflops; cartoon nude; vivid abstract


Blue cup and Saucer; Man in Flower; Woman in ruffles with earrings


Natchaug Hospital and Trauma-related artwork (plus…)

This is how I felt after one incident, #2, which involved a very physical “altercation” and restraint, and actually culminated the next night in that seclusion event I wrote about yesterday.
I call this picture “utter” because 1) I was unable to speak or utter any words for 8 days after the first physical assault on my person, and because I felt utterly — well everything, betrayed, abandoned, impotent, hopeless, helpless once they locked me alone in that seclusion room…
This is a more “controlled” as it were depiction of the seclusion incident, done a few days later, but still obsessed with it (largely because NO ONE would honestly discuss it, or let me. They just wanted me to forget it, leave it alone…No one would even admit taking part it in, but flatly denied even being on duty that night.

This was a picture I finally finished at Natchaug…Not trauma related. I call it Wonder.
“Up for Interpretation” – a birthday present for my friend Tim.



Portrait of her son, and present for my favorite visiting nurse