Radio Show about Schizophrenia

Leonard Lopate Show on Divided Minds (2005)

Hi everyone, i hope you will enjoy hearing this show, despite the fact that it was recorded several years ago. I plan to update you all on my progress since then and about M–V— in Brattleboro, where i live now. But it may take some time to get that organized and myself in gear. So in the meantime,  i found this older radio broadcast that most of you likely have never heard, being out of the NYC area at that time.

For myself, it has been nice to hear my twin sister’s voice and her sounding so very kind and sweet to me. I have not felt that from her or about her in such a long time…and i dunno whether it is me and just a perception, or a real thing. But i wish i had her back in my life in some way that could work for both of us without either jealousy or anything that threatened either of us. (I mean jealousy on her part, not on mine…)

Anyhow, i hope to write a longer and more uptodate post soon, but thank you all for sticking out my long absence and waiting for my return.



Ps this table below was made from cardboard and fabric and paper and glue….largely because we have only beds in our rooms and i needed somewhere to store some of my things. So the table hides a small storage compartment under its removable top.

Cloth mache table made by pamela spiro wagner
Cloth mache table made by pamela spiro wagner

3 thoughts on “Radio Show about Schizophrenia”

  1. Your table is beautiful and funky! I like it! I want one!

    I am bookmarking this so I can listen to the radio broadcast when I find my headset, which should be in just a little while.

    I love seeing new posts by you, Pam. Doesn’t matter what it is, I love seeing it. ❤


  2. “. . . jealousy on her part not on mine. . .”

    That’s interesting. People always assume, expect, and, I believe, hope that disabled relatives are jealous of their nondisabled relatives. Those of us in the disabled community carry this burden of able-normative narcissism around with us for as long as we live. I wish people could respect our right to decide for ourselves which goals and lifestyles are right for us and which ones are not.


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