Torture in hospitals continues to this day

Just want to keep people aware that these things are absolutely continuing to this day. They have not stopped persecuting psychiatic patients just because YOU dont hear about it. Every single thing in this post has happened to me within the last five years, and is still happening to others. Remember, and dont forget it! Your relatives may not talk about it, but it is happening to someone.

Torture in Connecticut’s Institute of Living psychiatric units in 2013
Vermont treats its psychiatric patients like criminals, even in 2016
Doctor Threatens Restraints and Shot of Haldol - Painting in acrylics c. 18 by 27 inches
Doctor Threatens Restraints and Shot of Haldol – Painting in acrylics c. 18 by 27 inches
In restraints, being tortured, at Hospital of Central Connecticut “for disturbing the milieu
Restraints torture, permitted by W-1 director at HOCC Michael E. Balkunas MD.

Hospital Seclusion Room
Stripped and locked in seclusion for punishment at CT’s New Britain General Hospital
Featured in Counterpoint Article
Torture in restraints in Brattleboro Vermont ER in 2016
John Dempsey Hospital Psychiatry First Floor, U-Conn Health Center, Farmington, CT
John Dempsey Hospital Psychiatry First Floor, U-Conn Health Center, Farmington, CT-restraints torture!

6 thoughts on “Torture in hospitals continues to this day”

  1. Marie and Julie- I want to say that I never knew anyone actually killed in CT hospitals I just know what they were capable of! And julie I absolutely believe your story!

    For me, because I complained of not being seen soon enough in the Hartford hospital ER and not wanting to be admitted, the guards sssaulted me, jumped on me, attacked and strangled me on purpose! And when I told the nurse I could not breathe she said ” you’re all right” but afterwards the guard whispered in my ear, “that will teach you a lesson!” And despite my advance directive I woke up being wheeled into the very hospital I had stated I never wanted to see again! The institute of living!!! There I was abused with restraints and seclusion for 3-4 weeks! Until my outside doc came to see what was going on and had enough — saw that my treatment was inhumanr — but they are all alike .. even she refused to speak out against her ficking colleagues


  2. I have a kidney condition caused by the drugs they gave me that went unrecognized for 27 years. This causes my body to excrete more fluids than the average person and therefore I need to drink much more, otherwise I will quickly become dehydrated and could even die of electrolyte imbalance (which has happened to people and animals with this condition). In 2011, I was deliberately deprived of water in Massachusetts General Hospital. When I explained the situation I was told I was faking it, and told to suck it up. Afterward, I was told that it never happened. I was even told that the unit I was kept on did not exist. Because I continued to write about the abuse, they tried to silence me by trying to put me in the state hospital and trying to force-drug me with anti-psychotics, and by continuing to threaten me. The threats continued until I was able to escape entirely, but that I know of, the institution continued to smear my reputation as much as they could. I think they don’t stand a chance, though, since what they did was obviously wrong. I suffer from trauma to this day as a result of being terrified for my life and abused while incarcerated there.


  3. Pammy, keep screaming it out loud, someday someone will take note and lasting change will come. Sadly, it nay definitely during ur current president’s stay at the White House


  4. Hardly standard but they all do it because no one is watching and they just lie!!! Really honestly they just lie abd say we don’t use restraints any longer but it is a complete lie!!! In Vermont you have legal recourse to complain after the fact but in Connecticut nobody gives a damn at all what they do… the staff at the institute of living in Hartford told me so. They kill people in Ct and get away with it.


  5. That’s horrific, especially for somebody already afraid. I’m sorry you had to go through that. Have you tried to complain? Or is it all standard practice?


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