Closing Down

Wagblog is going off-line. Maybe we will return, maybe not. It won’t a great loss to the world in any event. Too many words, too much garbage…

As Lao Tzu was said to have written, “Much talk means much exhaustion, better far it is to keep your thoughts.” Well, I shut up vocally many weeks ago, and it was indeed better for everyone around me…so now maybe if I also cease this incessant blather it will be another improvement for the world.

Sorry for everything. Mea culpa, mea maxima culpa.




Over the seasons of my sixties

and unwillingly

suddenly silent

no wonders spark in my visual brain.

But a reason why’s no wonder.

For so many years schooled

into naming everything

words and sounds categorize the world

and wordify my senses.

Precipice, for instance,

with its sliced peaks.

And acrid’s encaustic, that bite on my tongue.

Even blench

somehow leaves me paler

and more livid than before.

But there are descents into being speechless

for reasons besides pathology.

Although these may not seem any reason

or even be

reason enough, to many,

who believe only talking out pain aloud

makes sense.

Sensible or senseless

I know when shutting up is preventive.

or at least is less insane

than trying to be heard

by those inured to hurting

or being hurtful

when they indeed would rather hurt me

than pay heed, having heard me.

But if silence as you claim

overspeaks the chattering air

why do you refuse

to hear all I cannot use

my voice to say.