Closing Down

Wagblog is going off-line. Maybe we will return, maybe not. It won’t a great loss to the world in any event. Too many words, too much garbage…

As Lao Tzu was said to have written, “Much talk means much exhaustion, better far it is to keep your thoughts.” Well, I shut up vocally many weeks ago, and it was indeed better for everyone around me…so now maybe if I also cease this incessant blather it will be another improvement for the world.

Sorry for everything. Mea culpa, mea maxima culpa.


20 thoughts on “Closing Down”

  1. I received some text messages from Pam yesterday and today. She is struggling. I’m asking every praying person who reads this to please say prayers for Pammy’s healing, peace of mind, and physical safety. Thank you and God bless.


  2. Pam, when you get back, I’d like to help you file a formal complaint against the Institute of Living with the Department of Public Health. Even if they decide not to take action, it would be good to have a formal record.


  3. Pam. I miss you. I think about you during your sabbatical and pray for you. We miss your drawings and poetry and articles. We miss your voice. I pray that you are doing well. Many people do. You have so many friends and admirers that you don’t even know. We’re here for you, Pam. Hope you resume blogging soon. An email would be wonderful – It doesn’t have to be long. > Many blessings!


  4. I heard from Pam again today. She is doing better. I know we are all hoping she will soon be up to posting again. Blogging is hard, I have found. Sometimes after I post something on my blog I feel vulnerable, stupid, crazy, ugly, ridiculous… and when I feel that way, I often want to shut my blog down. Sometimes I do shut it down. So I get it, I really do.


  5. I spoke with Pam via telephone on May 7 and we communicated via text messaging on May 8. She told me she is staying in a “wonderful place… best I have ever dreamed of… not posh just warm and humane.”

    She has not answered my last texts. I will post an update when I next hear from her.


  6. Hey, I know this blog has a very small number of readers but, as the saying goes, “everybody gets their ’15 minutes of fame’ on the Internet”. Based on your blog posts, this past year seems to have taken a lot out of you. It’s okay if you need time to decompress and if you’ve said all that you have to say, then know that we’ve enjoyed reading your blog and sharing our thoughts with such a brave and pleasant woman. The world is NOT a better place without Mad voices, but sometimes we’re happier and healthier when we’re withdrawn from this often hostile and superficial world. I think you have my email address, so feel free to send me a message if you’d like to speak privately with me. If you’re unhappy right now, I hope that whatever is causing your pain will soon be out of your life.


  7. I, too, am sorry to read that you feel the need to end your blog. I consider your blog a valuable voice for so many who are unable to speak for themselves. But, as others have said, I also understand the need for taking a break. Do what you know is best for your own mental health, my friend, but please, never, ever apologize for anything you’ve ever said here. Your thoughts, musings, observations and creations, as well as the much-needed information you’ve supplied through this blog are priceless beyond measure. Love and hugs. ~Mai


  8. do what you gotta do, Hon, try to make the healthy choices, all that happy horseshit . . . I do hope we talk again, we worry when you’re away, so talk to us again as soon as you can.

    Meantime, we’ll just miss you, I guess. take care.


  9. Nooooo! Not everyone who reads, and appreciates, your blog is great at making their appreciation known. But that doesn’t make it less valuable. If it’s just that you need some time for yourself, please do so – but don’t shut down the blog just yet, so many of us will be waiting for your return!

    But it saddens me to think that you might be throwing the towel in for good. If people want you to shut up, they can drag their sorry butts to any other website they want. Believe me, there are more than a few bloggers who piss me off, but it’s their right. That’s the beauty of free speech. Even if you are talking “too much ” on your own blog, it’s your right to.

    Don’t underestimate your own ripple effects, either. You are writing about things that not enough people feel safe writing about themselves. And you are giving people who struggle silently a voice. A very educated, sophisticated and well spoken one at that.

    Please stay! Much love, Amy

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  10. Oh Pam…. I feel exactly like Marie does. This hurts my heart! I hope me not responding to your emails and my not blogging did not in any way cause this — or contribute to it! I have been so horribly dysfunctional since our fur baby died. I have hundreds of unread email now. I have not even read my daughter’s and my aunt’s and my granddaughter’s emails in weeks…… months. My husband is forever emailing me things he wants me to read or look at, there are over 100 emails unread just from him. Oh I am so sorry. I love you, Pammy. It hurts me to know you are hurting so much that you would shut down your well established wonderful blog.

    But more than anything, I want what feels best for you. And I still want to visit when Marie comes. Is it still set for July? I have the money set aside for my ticket to Vermont. XOXOXO


  11. Pamela who is sometimes … “voiceless”.. is a voice of many people all around the globe. I hope you keep posting Pamela. Take good care of yourself friend. Sami from Baghdad.

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  12. Sorry to see you go Pamela.
    But I get the sentiment. There’s a heck of a lot of pointless words flying around and I have a hard time justifying my own contribution to the cacophony.
    Hopefully by freeing yourself from social media you’ll have more time to devote to real world friends. And to yourself.

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  13. Dear Pammy,

    Am sad to read this! I mean if you feel like resting from blogging, that’s fine! But why bother that the world maybe better if you stop blogging? Oh Pammy, if you do go, you know for sure I’ll miss reading your posts and poems and appreciating your art. I know I’ll be visiting you soon, and I know we stay in touch otherwise! Yet this is a different feeling, I just can’t bring myself to say goodbye to your blog…


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