Curling Ocean Waves in Red Room: Painting in Gouache

 Curling Ocean Wave in Red Room - Painting in Gouache
Curling Ocean Wave in Red Room – Painting in Gouache


Not sure what to make of this painting, but I enjoyed doing it…What do you think? It is 8 by 12 inches, approximately, in gouache on Ampersand board (essentially gessoed masonite).

4 thoughts on “Curling Ocean Waves in Red Room: Painting in Gouache”

  1. Thank you, MC and Brenda for commenting on my strange painting. I loved your interpretations. I am trying to simply relax and paint, trying not to worry about what I paint because then I paralyze myself. But I want to know what it means, AFTERwards, at least to others. That matters to me, but only then. So again, I thank you!


  2. Hints of The Wave, angular walls, contrasting colours but still harmonious, water has some clarity and purity to it, surreal composition, evocative, no shortage of interest… I like it 😊


  3. Hi Pam – very evocative painting… when I was really little, maybe 6 years old, I had a dream that I was supposed to watch my younger brother when my mother went out. He was in his crib in our bedroom. I decided to go out and play but then I heard my brother crying and crying, so I ran back to his room and when I tried to walk across the black and white checkerboard tiled floor to get him from the crib, the floor turned into water – not only was I not able to help him, but his eyes fell out — which I take as my kid’s little mind’s literal translation of he ‘cried his eyes out.’ I felt horribly helpless and guilty. So, your painting reminded me of what it felt like to “not have footing” and feel helpless.


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