Photos of Vermont Cottage, and of the Artist, Herself

I thought I would post a few pictures of where I have been living these past few weeks, both how it was this past summer and what it looks like now. And me, too. Since most of you likely have no idea what I look like unless you have read DIVIDED MINDS and of course those photos, the most recent in them, was the author photo taken some ten years ago in 2004.

Carriage House Kitchen area summer 2014
Carriage House Kitchen area summer 2014

summer 2014

Dining/arts area of carriage house Summer 2014
Dining/arts area of carriage house Summer 2014

The above photo is the cottage kitchen area and dining/arts area as they were this summer, before I brought all my stuff up here. It was much less cluttered then and lighter! Below photo is the dining and “arts” area where Lydia and I did our artwork and where most of Dr Geuss was made…

The next photo is from the summer, me holding the brown paper beginnings of Dr Geuss (actually this was when Lucy Goosey was rather far along…(trust me! ) Nevertheless if you look hard enough you will see that I am just holding the wings on — I have not yet figured out how to secure them.

Pam with Lucy Goose  (Dr Geuss-to-be)
Pam with Lucy Goose (Dr Geuss-to-be)

As it turned out what I decided to do was to drill a hole through each wing, after Lydia and I painted them, a hole right through a painted dot, then a hole into the body (I think we decided to drill maybe three holes per side about a quarter inch in diameter. ) I sawed chopsticks from supper the night before into little dowel pieces maybe 2 inches long, then I pushed the chopstick dowels into these holes, along with glue, thereby attaching the wings permanently to the body. I thought it was a rather ingenious if not elegant solution to the problem, especially as glue and papier mache solution itself was not going to hold them in the position I wanted.

The only other way I had solved this sort of problem before had been in the out-held arm of Dr John Jumoke. Then I just “smooshed” and actually used Plaster of Paris, which I would not do again. Gypsum (P of P) would just have added weight to the held out wings of the goose, which would not have been good, nor for a sculpture that by its very nature needed to be easy to move.

Anyhow when I was done, I was very pleased when I offered it, through Cyndi my therapist to the Human Services Department in Vermont’s Northeast Kingdom (St Johnsbury) and they were nice enough to accept it.

This was not a given. Hartford’s Children’s Hospital had refused two sculptures on the pretext that they were a “fire hazard” even though for the two days they were on display there apparently they were wildly popular.

Pam with Dr Geuss in NEK Human Services Dept -- Children's Area

Well to finish out this saga, the photo of me with Dr GEuss above is in the children’s department where it started out, but apparently the kids wanted to “ride” it so instead my therapist there who is artistic herself made a lovely table for it, and they put it out in the front reception area for everyone to see. I was thrilled to see this when I came back and first arrived there for an appointment from The Care Bed.

Mt Harmony Farm Carriage House 2014 Summer
Mt Harmony Farm Carriage House 2014 Summer

The building (above) is the carriage house (or cottage) I live in, as it was last summer. The sooty part of the wall is from the pellet stove, which I am using now in the winter with great satisfaction. But even though it was nearly 0°F last night I still prefer to bundle up in clothing than to use a lot of pellets or keep the house too warm and get a headache! So I keep the stove at “1” rarely even a “2” and have not yet even turned on the upstairs electric heat…On the left, behind the bent door, is the “garage” where the farm and snow clearing equipment are kept…

This next photo is one I snapped not at all by accident of the white donkey, who looked to me just like a unicorn peering from behind the trees! I love this picture because it captures the magic of the past summer and why I fell in love with the NEK and Sheffield and this farm and its owners, Marc and Steffi, and VERMONT!!!!

Unicorn Heres loooking at you

I can’t recall if I posted these next few on Wagblog or only on FB but here is the farm after our first snowfall a week ago (actually it was not at all our first at all, only the first big one I was present for). We had a foot of snow at Thanksgiving again and more last night on top of this apparently unnamed “mountain”!

Snow in November at Mt Harmony Farm!
Snow in November at Mt Harmony Farm!
Mt Harmony Sheep in Snow November 2014
Mt Harmony Sheep in Snow November 2014
Farmhouse and sunrise on snow in Vermont 2014
Farmhouse and sunrise on snow in Vermont 2014

Finally a few photos of Wag herself in her new Vermont digs, doing her “thang.”

Pam at table drawing a small sketch before she starts painting

Pam Wagner Nov, 2104


Pam dressed to the nines and pretending to paint for the camera…In reality I never change out of my grungy gray tee shirt and jeans, and would never paint in such good clothing!

The Artist, dressed to nines and pretending to paint for the camera!
The Artist, dressed to nines and pretending to paint for the camera!
Pam Wagner with new 6" square oil painting based on Don Miguel Ruiz book, THE FIFTH AGREEMENT
Pam Wagner with new 6″ square oil painting based on Don Miguel Ruiz book, THE FIFTH AGREEMENT

Pam displaying results of her oil painting adventures, a picture based on a a very short book that means more to her than almost any other, THE FOUR AGREEMENTS by Don Miguel Ruiz and his newest, written with his son, THE FIFTH AGREEMENT…

Painting is “Sometimes a Dreamer has a New Dream”

In Recliner, reading about artist, Alice Neel
In Recliner, reading about artist, Alice Neel

Above is Pam in recliner in Vermont cottage, reading about one of her favorites artists, Alice Neel…

Pam, drawing in  recliner
Pam, drawing in recl

Drawing in recliner

Cooking up a storm with T=day leftovers, nov 2014
Cooking up a storm with T=day leftovers, nov 2014

(Above) Kitchen area in winter time….Pam W cooking, late at night in November, 2014

You can see that since I came back from the summer it has gotten a lot more crowded….I brought as much as I could pack into a 14 foot truck and gave everything else away. Which was a lot. I donated ALL my furniture to FreeCyclers, including my bed and my recliner. ALL my books went to a teacher at the Cheshire Correctional Institute or their library, except a few precious ones, including the Alice Neel volume. And most of my other items except for art supplies and art work, and cold weather clothing and a few expensive items I knew I would not want to have to purchase anew. But most of my things had been bought at thrift store to begin with and many years ago to boot, so it would have cost more to lug them with me to Vermont than to buy them again, used, once I got settled there.

All the furniture that you see was there when I got here and belongs to the owners, Marc and Steffi. Of all that you see, only the artwork on the walls, and the easel, and the white floor three-bulb lamp are mine…

Frankly I would love to “downsize” even more than this, but do not know how (except for clothing, which is all used and while I like what I have I NEVER wear it)…I have used nearly everything I brought with me, and if I have not, it is only because Marc and Steffi have something here. However, when I go somewhere else, which may NOT be fully furnished, I know I will be glad that I did not toss everything in a fit of pique with “stuff”.

Sorry about this mundane post. I needed to make these photos for my mom, who is experiencing dementia and may not even quite know where I am. I did make taped phone calls that go out to her every night at the same time, telling her that I love her and am moving to Vermont, but I have not been able to contact her “in person” otherwise, since I cannot call her and she is no longer able to do email . So I will write her a letter and enclose these photos. I figured why not also show them to my readers…(and I hope not bore them to tears at the same time!!!




20 thoughts on “Photos of Vermont Cottage, and of the Artist, Herself”

  1. I LOVE these pictures and I am drooling over your heavenly nest. I wish your stay didn’t have to be temporary. But as you so aptly said, we live here on earth day by day. No deposit, no lease.


  2. Hi Mai,
    Spell check is always badly correcting me… it was supposed to be Dr Geuss, after Dr Seuss, sounds like goose! But it was only after Steffi pointed it out later that i saw the meestake the stupid program had made of my correct spelling!

    Yeah, i love it here and dunno how i will leave it when i must…but i cant stay here forever, or even for very long. Truth to tell, i am sure that Marc and Steffi will want others to visit their little paradise on earth eventually, and i would rather leave of my own accord than be told that i am no longer welcome, if you know what i mean.

    It isnt that i do not pay rent and a good one, but it is month by month and so there is no security in it and for good reason, both too expensive for one person and i dont believe they want to be saddled with permanent renters…

    So you see the inherent sadness of the situation. I have absolutely no idea where i will even be able to live after or upon leaving here…but i will leave that up to fate at this point and not borrow trouble because there is no point in that!


  3. How nice to see photos of the author of your blog! I absolutely LOVE your cozy little cottage on the aptly named Mt Harmony Farm! I also enjoyed seeing Dr Guess in progress. And unicorn was my first thought upon seeing the photo of the white donkey!


  4. Aha, you mean, you did not know that I took ALL the photos? Including those of me? (yeah, when you live alone, you sometimes have to learn to do stuff like set a self-timer and jump in front of the camera, but shhhh no one told you that!) Love, Pam


  5. It is a lovely lovely place, and I hope you can visit someday, at least sometime before I have to leave, if I end up leaving as I expect I will have to. For one thing, I do not have a regluarl lease and cannot afford the real rent for the rest of my life…So it is either find a really good roommate who wants to pay top dollar, but there are a lot of EXTRAs included. NOTHING is left out of the Includeds in fact…But that roommate would have to be really special etc.and that is hard to find. Also, I would have to know that I could stay, and I dunno that the Bourdelles would want permanent “guests” here… So for now it is all just month by month…I don’t like that entirely, but we are all here on earth basically day by day too,aren’t we?


  6. It is a nest, isn’t it? And yet, I didn’t show you that there are three more rooms upstairs that I barely use! I love the downstairs so much I scarcely go upstairs, but to sleep. Even though there is yet another “great room” set up for my art as well with a huge picture window in it on the second floor. It is a PERFECT setting for me…I just wish I could stay here forever…! Would need a roommate to afford that however.


  7. HI Agent Bean, I did go to your site and commented. But what you need to learn about Me and Wagblog is that I do not just collect followers, or follow everyone and every site..I do not care if I have a gazillion followers. I want readers…Okay? So with that in mind, I will read your site and if I like it, I will follow it (I understand you are only 9 years old but nevertheless you will have to learn this someday). If not, well, perhaps I will come back and then after you have written more, I will like it better and follow it then. Okay?

    Best wishes.



  8. I agree with everyone else–not mundane! I really enjoyed this post. You have a lovely little place, and I’m a little envious that you have donkeys and sheep nearby. 🙂


  9. Pammy, oh why am so glad for this post. It’s not mundane and the pantings are gorgeous. Dare I say I envy that cozy looking cottage? Shine on more Pammy, you’ll get there. Loads of love, Marie


  10. This post is not mundane at all! I love your art and seeing where you do your work! And I completely agree that the donkey looks just like a unicorn…magical!


  11. Great to see you in your new environment! I LOVE the picture of the unicorn. So magical.
    It would be interesting to know who took the pictures.
    Miss you! Leora


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