Hospital Artwork

Me as the Ogre that Ate Manhattan

I did the last two of these at Natchaug Hospital this past winter, both of which may be obvious. The first, Under Attack from All Sides, was meant to express how I felt at the time, with the fingers pointing at me literally showing what the voices do, and the red high heel with a hand, strong, hefting that lethal looking spike — well those both belong to a certain someone I cannot name who wants me deader than dead and will do anything in her power to achieve it.

The second of the hospital pieces (I did others, but alas I gave them away and so never did have a photo of them to share…) is the last one posted here, the Ogre that Ate Manhattan, which is written partly in Spanish and partly in acronym. The message is KILL the Orgre that Ate Manhattan, but I figure you don’t need to understand that to enjoy the artwork…Not quite finished yet, but there is not a huge amount left to go…

Finally at the top is In her Hands, which is not done, though it may look it. This is a partly 3-D high relief piece, and partly a flat piece of acrylic painting. In truth a lot of it is optical illusion but not as a joke. The detail shows how her hands are painted onto the globe, not actually three dimentional at all; they just look 3-D because of how I painted them. I need to write more about more “important” things in my life, but for now this will have to do. (Addendum: I realized, days later, that I must have written the text of this very late at night, and possibly after I’d taken my Xyrem, the narcolepsy night time med. Why? Because a great deal of it was so badly spelled and some of it made no or little sense at all. I mostly do that sort of thing, dream talk, if you will, when I make the mistake of trying to write after I have taken my medication and get busy and forget that I am not “with it” entirely…so I am not aware when sense devolves into gibberish! Forgive me, anyway, if I seemed somehow sloppy if not wholly out of it!)

Pam W

5 thoughts on “Hospital Artwork”

  1. Thanks Ing,

    I will be writing, I hope, about the memorial service, but it went okay, though I felt rather deadened by the Haldol I had been talked into taking for the past 10 days…I couldn’t feel anything at all. I resented that.

    Yes, that ogre is meant to be very scary. I feel very scary to people! I wonder how many people will actually ever buy my tee shirt! But they asked me to make it into a tee shirt, and since the Zazzle store doesn’t charge to come up with a design, I figure, no harm in trying it out!


  2. Thank you Kate. As always, coming from you, any praise of my art means everything! I am finishing In Her Hands now, by building a frame on top of her, that is, at the edges, out of pulp type paper mache. It looks really good, sort of in keeping with the “outsider” look to the rest of it. I may paint it gold or black, not sure, but it needs to dry more first. It also solves the problem of how to hang it at the show in May, as I have cemented into the back papier mache, two push pins on the sides. I will be repainting the eyes and collar bones, however…You will see. As I said, thank you a million. Whenever you like something I do, I feel like a million dollars!


  3. As always, your work is excellent. I particularly respond to the woman with a halo holding the world in her hands. Beautiful and inspiring. She looks as if she’s meditating. The colors are so vibrant and the design work so meticulous. You have a lot to teach people about the creation of art.


  4. Hi Pam,

    I like all the artwork you did at the hospital but I must say the last piece is scary looking. Your ability to express yourself through poetry and art is a real gift that many of us don’t have. How was your father’s funeral and did you get a chance to talk to people who knew him. So glad you are blogging again.


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