A poem plus art.

Edited on July 29, 2016 and reposted.

The poem below is the introduction to my third book, and my second book of poems, this time with art, which should be published in the spring of 2017 by Sundog Poetry and Green Writers Press, both Vermont publishers.  Wowee!!! I am thrilled. Tamra Higgins of Sundog has generously said that she wants to make sure that I have an art show and reading at the time of the book launching. Moreover  I believe that Sydney Lea, Vermont’s wonderful former poet laureate, who had agreed to write the forward for it when it was still going to be published by CKP will still do so for the new publishers. I feel especially blessed!!!

I am very much a novice watercolorist and these are two beginning paintings.




who may be sitting as I am
in a green recliner with a cup of tea
staring out through the porch
to a darkened streetlamp outside the diner,
with a book in her lap, mine, I hope
the only one I feel I should have to mention
if I mention a book in a poem I write;
to the reader, the nitpicker, the one
who may be wondering why
on p. 47 there are two ands, one
right after another, and whose fault that is;
and to the reader, who may be tired
after a long ride home on the bus
after dark and a meal not worth mentioning
who picks up my book but finds his eyes
closing before he has opened the cover,
I say: Forgive me
I am only a writer sitting in a green recliner
with a cup of tea, I can’t explain
those two ands or the mysterious
streetlamp or warm the feet of a tired
reader in his bed. I can only put music on
and tell him stories to make movies
turn in his head, to let him wake
with the sudden understanding that poetry
may be all it takes to make a life—
well, my life at any rate, and maybe his,
and maybe the nitpicker’s and yours, too,
staring through the porch to the streetlamp
where what happens so mysteriously is poetry—
and the whole night is wrapped
in the words spoken by two strangers
meeting there, or not spoken, which is poetry too,
and all of us who listen are waiting
for the music of what is to happen.

9 thoughts on “A poem plus art.”

  1. I just love you so Pammy… don’t worry cause you know I know some of what you go through… yep still looking forward to next summer mindful of your current political arena 🙂


  2. Dear Marie, I am so sorry That I did not get any notification of these comments before and did not now,,,I just saw them in passing. Why all my comments are sent to SPAM i do not understand…SO VERY SORRY not to have seen your plea earlier!! or your request for a watercolor! Yes I would love to give you a watercolor if I still have one WHEN YOU VISIT ME NEXT SUMMER, PLEASE!!!! Tee hee. Love ya, Pam PS I do not know if I can change the thumbs down to thumbs up either…

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  3. Please please please a disclaimer, I wanted to click on the thumb 👍 on Linda’s comment and this fuckin fone misled my touch, is there a way that can be corrected?


  4. To me then because I am one of your avid readers. I love the ‘not novice like at all’ water colouring and wish I could have one to frame and put in my new 🏡. Could please?

    To the author;
    I can’t wait to keep on reading
    and maybe go on dreaming
    of what could be the real meaning behind all the writing…

    Now this is some novice attempt at a short rhyme 😂
    Loads of 😍, Marie

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  5. I love this so much, that I read it aloud to my husband. He likes it, too.
    I am eager to read your third book.


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