9 thoughts on “Randy Rainbow is the funniest anti-Trump medicine ! (Updates)”

  1. Inkbiotic, I accidentally down voted your comment when I was trying to give you a thumbs up. Now WP won’t let me change it! Idiots! But I just wanted to let you know, the thumbs down is not intentional

    My best to you,

    Pamela soon to be known as Phoebe


  2. it’s MUCH worse in the south. intolerable in fact. i am moving back to nyc, where i grew up, and lived most of my life. it is hard to believe how twisted and backward and corrupt life is in places like fla until you experience it full time. cheers.

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  3. I had not noticed the pro trump aspects of wp but as for ideas…? It seems to me that trump has no noose around his neck, that he is as Teflon as he says he is, at least as long as the rep congress will do nothing to stop him. If dems do anything they need absolutely to control Congress starting ASAP.

    The culture of lies and greed in the sountry just gets me down every time I see any news…just appalling. But it has only reached a nadir with trump. It started Weill before then, maybe always was…But I always knew the so-called “moral majority” appellation was a crock of shit…


  4. very funny. randy is hilarious. but it seems on wp that the pro trump assholes are a lot more organized than the resistance. how to change this by working together to expose every day how the legal noose is getting tighter ever day around the orange grifter’s fat neck? any ideas?

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  5. Great videos! Thank you for introducing me to these, I’ve done a reblog to spread the laughter. 🙂


  6. Reblogged this on inkbiotic and commented:
    Another reblog from WAGblog because it brightened my day and hopefully it will brighten yours too. 🙂


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