3 thoughts on “The Marionette and the Golden Pot: Does Art Mean Anything?”

  1. Ah, very interesting, both Cabrogal and Form 22. Actually, what happened was I drew this BEFORE I understood that I was being scammed. When I looked at it, I suddenly suddenly had this realization that NOTHING was as it seemed, and even as I worked on it I thought to myself, Now why am I drawing a marionette (strings missing because drawing is unfinished so far)? WHO is pulling the strings? Why I am being so passive? And then the answer came to me, that I was processing this thing about being manipulated by a scammer…So it all came clear to me, the “meaning” in this drawing, for me only. I think the meaning is different to each observer, depending on life circumstances and mindset.

    Not jewels, meant to be MONEY, being shat out into the golden pot but I had a hard time drawing coins to look real so tiny..My fault, but I love the “stools and Jewels” in any event!



  2. Isn’t that the question Warhol was posing (in both senses of the word)?

    Are works of art symbols that refer to other things or do they mean nothing but themselves?

    Perhaps, more trivially, if they do hold meaning, from whence does the meaning arise? The subject? The artist? The viewer? The interaction between these things?

    There’s a meaning there but the meaning there doesn’t really mean a thing – Russell Morris, The Real Thing



  3. Stools and jewels? Are those jewels? Boy, this really makes you think. If they are jewels, then perhaps this drawing symbolizes the futility of objectivity because the perception of value is all that matters. Or perhaps it’s expresses the fine line between shit and manure. Filth and waste aren’t synonymous. Ugly, “crazy” thoughts are often quite beautiful and insightful once they are channeled into a work of art. Now those rings on the hand are a mystery. I’m not sure if they’re meant to represent anything. But if they do, then I have no clue what it could be. I like this drawing a lot. I have no experience with interpreting art, but I do enjoy the challenge of giving it a try.


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