Art from State Hospital Vermont, November, 2015


The optics of unwanted  "treatments"
The optics of unwanted
“treatments” (you may have to scroll way down to see the next two)























Markus-a staff member
Markus-a staff member


5 thoughts on “Art from State Hospital Vermont, November, 2015”

  1. Ms. Abanga is right. Even in a drawing, Markus is a stud. This is excellent work. So is the collage. It’s amazing how you can draw a collection of people and things and still keep every item in what intuitively appears to be its proper place on paper. You have artistic gifts as well as gifts of character and personality.


  2. Pammy, I love the Yellow lady, her hair rolls cool. Marcus seems cute enough for you to do his portrait – just like you did for the Motser, the optics of unwanted says quite tons I betcha. Loads of love


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