Portrait: Three Greenlanders- Art from Vermont Psychiatric Care Hospital

Three Greenlanders:A Portrait
Three Greenlanders:A Portrait













i started this portrait, derived from photographs seen in a National Geographic magazine lying around on Unit D, with the detested Crayola pencils that had to be a requisite 4 inches long or shorter…but eventually i was permitted to use ( and try to repair the portraits) with my Caran D’ache pencils, though it is very hard to try to layer anything over crayolas, especially on paper that is too thin to accept multiple layers…
















6 thoughts on “Portrait: Three Greenlanders- Art from Vermont Psychiatric Care Hospital”

  1. Dear Linda, I wonder if you are up and feel like it, whether you could text me as I seem to have lost your cell number and I really wanted to discuss your incredible blog post about your recent discovery about your father versus your real father… Amazing, just amazing. But so much to hear from you and talk about and i wonder how you are faring with this information? My number is 579-143 with a two at the end and preceded by the all-Vermont area code… Sorry not to tell you easily but I don’t want robots dialing me! Love, pam


  2. Darn auto incorrect. I’m sure I typed the word “Crayola.” But my tablet changed it to “crayons.”

    I just read your reply to Marie. I am so sorry for all the suffering you have been going through. Oh how I wish I could help.

    ((((((((((Pammy)))))))))) — big hug.


  3. This is a wonderful portrait. The facial expressions are so realistic. I can almost feel their emotion.

    Amazing that you did this with crayons pencils!


  4. Thanks, Marie! I had posted it yesterday too, but it did not seem to appear…dunno why. At least it did not readily do so on my i-pad.

    Thank you so very much for staying in touch thru julie and my blog…it has been such a terrible month and year…and only you and she and a few other close friends can possibly have any inkling how bad it has been. I so love and appreciate your frienship and loyalty.


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