7 thoughts on “Peony Painting”

  1. Dear Laura, you could not possibly know how much your peony comment touched my heart….Here I am, carless, sick as a dog, up in rural vermont, and I cannot do anything. I painted that peony out of desperation the night before I fell too ill to do more. And I was sure it was crap. So to hear your kind words means the world to me, and might even convince me to paint other flowers rather than give up entirely. I was so sure I had messed up that peony, one of my favorite flowers too, that I felt I had no right to try another! Thank you thank you thank you for taking the time to tell me what you thought! Pam


  2. Peonies are my favourite flowers – I got 3 bouquets of them on my birthday. I keep them until they have withered because even withered they are beautiful and smell sweet and clean. You have captured the peony’s soul when it has opened its heart to the maximum, just before it starts to wither. I love your work in general Pam but this peony is alive. I could look at it for hours. Thanks for that.


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