4 thoughts on “Pamwagg’s New Art Video Here!”

  1. Thank you so much, both of you, LaVancia and Marie. Yes, it is a long journey…either “back” or to somewhere entirely else…healing, warm and whole. Ah, Marie, I think I paint “black” people, or people of color, or “melanin-privileged” shall we call these beautiful people (!!!) because in so very many ways, despite my too fair (ugly) skin, I feel a strong kinship with the “underdog” and with those who have suffered oppression and discrimination. Always have and I hope i always will. Would not want it to be any other way, not for me. If ever I start to identify with “rich white people” or the upper classes or the “privileged few” please somebody SHOOT me quick!!!! Love ya all,


  2. Aw Pammy, ain’t I just so lucky to be your special friend? I can’t wait to come visit you and your art studio. Sure my favorites are those of the little black boy (sorry I emphasize his colour because it moves me you paint black people too) and also the running shoes 🙂

    As for the theme, LaVancia resumes it well.


  3. Very powerful imagery of a tortured soul who’s been wrapped up within the “mental institutions” which some still use to belittle and warp the innocent minds of people. My favorites are the turtle images; it certainly is a long road back to sanity. -LaVanica


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