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Black Madonna – Donated to Bulkeley High in Hartford Connecticut, but HATED by them, apparently…

BLACK MADONNA, In Her Hands. Donated, 2014, to Bulkeley High School in Hartford, Connecticut (but never a word of thanks or even acknowledgment)


Although I added a coat of protective varnish to this at the last minute, I don’t think this  ruined it or justified Bulkeley high school in Hartford, Connecticut  hating the piece so much that they would have refused to acknowledge receiving it…But indeed,  that school, located on Wethersfield Avenue in Hartford, CT took this beautiful piece, but decided I did not deserve either a word of thanks or even notification of  receipt that the piece arrived.

I cannot tell you how much this hurt me, but what do they care? I imagine the probably hated it, but why take it if they were only going to store it in the basement? I would’ve gladly kept it and NOT given it to those ungrateful wretches…I LOVE the piece and even with the shiny varnish I loved her…And I hate to think that the so and so’s at Bulkley high school just threw her in a hole so no one would ever see this lovely Black Madonna, and they never even told me they did not want her!

How dare they? I mean, if someone offers you, an organization, a piece of art and You do NOT want it, please do not take it, for it is an insult beyond insults not to display it. Furthermore, to not even thank the artist who likely spent many hours  on the piece, is really an abhorrent act. But what do you expect from administrators of a high school? Apparently no more than boorishness just like this…

Screw them…But it makes me want not to donate art anywhere ever again if their response is typical.

Varnished version, in a bad photo…but you can see she is much more realistic, even though the photo is bad…(taken by a teacher at the school while the piece was in transit, or in storage)



Open Studio Hartford is a Hartford regional event that celebrates the arts!

This celebration of the arts combines art of all types and presents it to the community. For a full weekend in November, artists open their studios to the public or show in Hartford locations. Their wish is to inspire the community, make others aware of their work, and sell their art. Visitors enjoy the opportunity to meet local artists at studios, galleries and creative spaces in and around Hartford to browse and buy locally created art. The public also experiences live artistic entertainment at some locations!

2011 Opening Reception & Kick-off
Thursday, November 3rd, 6pm – 8pm
ArtSpace Gallery, 555 Asylum Street, Hartford, CT 06105
This year’s theme is “Double Digits”.
Parking: Park at Union Station, discounted rate provided by the Greater Hartford Transit District
The reception, featuring live music, will be produced by Artists in Real Time, Inc. and sponsored by local restaurants.

22nd Annual Open Studio Weekend in Hartford
Saturday & Sunday, November 12 & 13, 11 AM -5 PM
A self-guided tour of creative spaces that has taken place annually for 22 years, Open Studio Weekend is a creative showcase for local artists, produced by the nonprofit 501(c)3 organization, Artists in Real Time, Inc. Locations are open around the city and greater Hartford Region; thousands of attendees are expected.
FREE Event!
Parking: Park at Union Station, discounted rate provided by the Greater Hartford Transit District


Needless to say, I think, I will be exhibiting my artwork here, some of it about schizophrenia, some of it from schizophrenia, and a great deal of it about and in recovery. If you are able to attend, look for me on the 4th floor of ArtSpace, Hartford. Hope to see some of you there!