If Bloomberg buys Democratic nomination


go ahead, mayor Bloomberg buy your ads and your support as much as your billions can buy, but if you get the Democratic nomination Trump will benefit from me because I won’t vote at all. And I will persuade other democratic voters to do the same. You represent the absolute worst of American politics, because you think you can literally BUY the presidency…well I will NEVER vote for you !

10 thoughts on “If Bloomberg buys Democratic nomination”

  1. Here’s what the Guardian feminist (and Sanders supporter – which she fails to declare) Arwa Mahdawi says about Warren’s renege on Super PACs.


    Basically I agree with Mahdawi (though not with her failure to declare conflict of interest) but if I was writing the article I couldn’t have resisted pointing out the funny part where Warren says “If all the candidates want to get rid of Super PACs, count me in. I’ll lead the charge”. No Lizzie, if you’re waiting for everyone else to go first you are not leading the charge.

    I think Warren has damaged both her credibility and feminism more broadly with her attempts to brand her cynical political maneuvres as ‘feminism in action’.


  2. Warren needs to drop out before Super Tuesday. She isn’t going to be nominated and with polls suggesting she won’t even win Massachusetts she’s now at risk of torching her whole political career.

    She’s reneged on her promise not to accept Super PAC money (which was always cynical, given that she rolled around $10 million in Super PAC donations from her senate campaign into her nomination fund) because her campaign finances were millions in the red until the debate where she shredded Bloomberg. That got her enough donations to cover her debt, so she should just fold her tent before she needs to start taking money from wealthy anonymous donors and further damage whatever credibility she has left.


  3. Warren did OK in Nevada, but not well enough I reckon. I’d say she’s out of the running for nomination and her BS about Bernie saying a woman couldn’t win has probably blown her VP chances too (which is a pretty big deal, given Sanders’ age, heart condition and likelihood of being assassinated if elected).

    But she’s likely to go down in history as the one who torpedoed Bloomberg’s campaign. Sure beats being remembered for her dishonesty and flip-flops.


  4. Money is simply a means to an end. … It is a form of creativity.

    So are nuclear weapons and Ponzi schemes.

    If you don’t care that billionaires can buy elections you don’t care about democracy.

    Trump is a symptom of corruption in US politics. Money is the cause.


  5. Money is simply a means to an end. I am not prejudiced against it. It is a form of creativity. If he can beat TRUMP, he gets my VOTE!!!!


  6. I am disappointed in you for the first time in all the years we have known each other. Carole


  7. Sorry about the name glitch Phoebe.

    Elizabeth Warren who i continue to support financially with small donations is not taking big money donations from pharma companies or Amazon or Walmart and you know they hate her because she is against concentrated power in too few hands or companies and I frankly trust her to want to do the morally Right things.

    I’ve gotta admit I have a hard time trusting Warren. Like Hillary, she started her political life as a conservative Republican and only decided she was progressive quite late. There’s her dodgy claims about Native American ancestry and the way she talks out of both sides of her mouth about her ‘Medicare for All’ plan, depending on who her audience is. Then there was her claim Sanders had told her a woman couldn’t win despite his long public record of saying exactly the opposite. In particular I was disgusted by her appropriation of the #me_too meme to try to support her claims about what Sanders said – as if #me_too means you should always believe women when they make claims to political truthfulness. That’s about as cynical as faux-feminist politics gets I reckon.

    Warren may not be playing to the big corporate donors but I think she is playing to the corporate media and as a result if she’s elected her hands will be pretty much tied when it comes to progressive reforms; just like Obama.


  8. Name is Phoebe but you’re forgiven , Michael. Anyhow I do worry about mayor Pete but the idea that a rich candidate can bypass all the debates and town halls and EVEN HAVE A CHANCE of winning the nomination disgusts me. I agree that money plays way too big a role in US politics but frankly there’s money and then there’s Money. Elizabeth Warren who i continue to support financially with small donations is not taking big money donations from pharma companies or Amazon or Walmart and you know they hate her because she is against concentrated power in too few hands or companies and I frankly trust her to want to do the morally Right things. But if Bloomberg gets the nomination because of his boughten ads then I wash my hands of this upcoming election . I think anyone who has a billion or more dollars and who does not give half of it back to the government is a thief. No one works that hard and no one deserves a thousand million dollars because of investments. I’m against it all ! Trump or Bloomberg of “Stop and Frisk the folks with darker hues of skin“ are made of the same greedy flesh. And I would never vote for either entitled (fill in the blanks with word of your choice )…


  9. I wouldn’t sweat on Bloomberg, Pamela. Despite all his money and media power he’s not really in the running, though you can expect the corporate media to swing strongly behind him if Sanders starts pulling clear of the other candidates.

    All presidencies are bought anyway, though usually with donor money rather than personal fortunes. If you’re worried about billionaire bucks continuing to run the White House you should probably watch Buttigieg more closely than Bloomberg.


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