5 thoughts on “Must-see on YouTube, saddest thing I have ever seen”

  1. Dear Andrea, thank you for this comment. I can only hope that many many people see the movie and change not only their behavior but push for the nation itself to make the necessary changes. Alas I fear that the forces of capitalism are such that we cannot do it, that the structures of the economy and our capitalist system will never— can never — permit it. After all capitalism teaches that growth must never cease and of course we know that the only solution to the impending tragedy is to think differently, to value other things than continual growth. We would be in horror if our bodies never ceased to grow, indeed we cannot long survive it, yet the US is bent on believing that tho we live in a finite world somehow continual growth is desirable rather than a deep pathology just as it would be in the human body.

    Good to see you here, and I hope you are doing well!


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  2. That you for sharing this!
    As “sad” as it may seem..
    I am GLAD it voices the reality we face of being “human”.
    We need to face that we are DESTROYING ALL LIFE not only for “energy” but for many things. E=We lost sense of how we affect life by LIVING life… and this HAS GOT TO BE ADDRESSED before it really does become “too late” (whatever that may mean – NONE of us can know what is to come…but I can say one thing for sure- if we don’t see how our dependency on energy etc — and how we destroy so much to “get what we need to “live well” .. we will.. YES.. lose it all.
    It may be “sad”.. but I am GLAD for this video!
    I just hope people will finally get how serious it all is.


  3. Hi Anne,

    Yes to everything you said. But what I was sadly unaware of was Bill mcKibben’s and others’ cooperation with and co-optation by fossil fuel companies. Like so many I had had high hopes for solar and wind power but alas they are as bogus as anything else. If we could learn to live without our modern conveniences it would be great but I am very doubtful. Just yesterday I used a laundry to wash and dry my clothing! And of course I cook on a stove and use a fridge — I also rent so I cannot make changes to my apt and so on and so on! I eat a vegan diet and do not fly in planes and very rarely drive a car… but of course none of this is enough. We need deep structural change but that will never happen, alas.


  4. Hi Pheobe, yes i have been aware that use of unethical energy, pollution, lack of resources, climate change and over population was heading human kind and our earth for destruction for some considerable time. Micheal Moore who i just discovered through you this morning is a pioneering journalist who like Extinction Rebellion are exposing the truth. Already the climate here in the UK has changed dramatically. It is just beginning.


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