3 thoughts on “Paula Caplan is AMAZING: Diagnosis in Psychiatry is BULLshit!”

  1. So Sorry you have experienced abuse too, Hannah. It is far more common than anyone knows. and I believe that it is so common that even the abused do not recognize that they are BEING abused. Because they are told, as I was, that being restrained even brutally, is either our fault or TREATMENT, the fukkers!!! I do not understand why I took this as an article of faith and fact for so many years, but I did, no doubt as much as victim of stockholm syndrome as anything. Cannot understand why I would let them literally “treat”-torture me for three days and two nights and tell NO ONE for decades!!! and much much more…


  2. I’m so glad you’ve seen the light on the pseudoscience of psychiatry Pamela. I love your art and your essays made me feel less alone after my psychiatric abuse.


  3. I am skeptical of broadbrush condemnations of traditional medical practices — criticisms concerning lack of science & regulation apply also to non-traditional medical practices HOWEVER this speech by Paula Caplan is shattering. She doesn’t use legalize wiggle statements which means one could fact check her talk. I also have personal observations (as a patient for chronic depression) of the lack of scientific rigor in diagnosis & the random approach to prescription of medications to find out by TRIAL & ERROR whether they are effective versus its immediate short-term side-effects. The diagnosis did help extract me from a toxic environment which might have killed me in the end or permanently damaged my mental health & my income — My question would have to be, how do we get to a better system from here? Lives could be destroyed by discarding the system in place also — unintended consequences. For the immediate present & future we must confront the truth, Since an enormous amount of money is at stake it is difficult to imagine our David defeating this Goliath with the slingshot of a hard bit of truth.


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