3 thoughts on “Paula Caplan is AMAZING: Diagnosis in Psychiatry is BULLshit!”

  1. So Sorry you have experienced abuse too, Hannah. It is far more common than anyone knows. and I believe that it is so common that even the abused do not recognize that they are BEING abused. Because they are told, as I was, that being restrained even brutally, is either our fault or TREATMENT, the fukkers!!! I do not understand why I took this as an article of faith and fact for so many years, but I did, no doubt as much as victim of stockholm syndrome as anything. Cannot understand why I would let them literally “treat”-torture me for three days and two nights and tell NO ONE for decades!!! and much much more…


  2. I am skeptical of broadbrush condemnations of traditional medical practices — criticisms concerning lack of science & regulation apply also to non-traditional medical practices HOWEVER this speech by Paula Caplan is shattering. She doesn’t use legalize wiggle statements which means one could fact check her talk. I also have personal observations (as a patient for chronic depression) of the lack of scientific rigor in diagnosis & the random approach to prescription of medications to find out by TRIAL & ERROR whether they are effective versus its immediate short-term side-effects. The diagnosis did help extract me from a toxic environment which might have killed me in the end or permanently damaged my mental health & my income — My question would have to be, how do we get to a better system from here? Lives could be destroyed by discarding the system in place also — unintended consequences. For the immediate present & future we must confront the truth, Since an enormous amount of money is at stake it is difficult to imagine our David defeating this Goliath with the slingshot of a hard bit of truth.


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