Natchaug Hospital Stay #3: New Artwork

Click on pictures to see them better…


Okay, here are some more “interiors” of various sorts and with varying success. I tend to use mirrors and windows to say something, but what I have no idea. In any event, the entire picture has not always made it into the photo, but if it has, then you must look carefully at the details sometimes to figure out what is really going on…

Curled Woman on Chaise

Interior #2, above

Interior #3: Red Futon with Laundry
Interior #5: Moving Day Unable to Move

Person at lower left is seen from above and behind — weird perspective in entire picture. The rest must be deciphered by viewer! 8)

Interior #6: Medicine Chest and Ambivalent Husband

You have to look at the details of this carefully, if you can see them. The man in the mirror is not exactly as harmless as his electric razor would have him seem. Clue: check out other mirror at upper right!

Don't throw stones at Glass Houses

Alas, my pile of stones does not look too much like stones but the glass houses are both the terrarium and the fish bowl, but also the conservatory seen through the center door. Note the figure coming in the other door (seen in the right hand mirror) and the artist herself in the round mirror — if you can make her out!

Natchaug Hospital Nursing Station

Done in watercolor paper on crude sketch paper but a copy on card stock given to the nurses…

And there were more but that is it for now.

Check out two posts below if you have not seen them as all three of these were posted tonight!

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