Natchaug Hospital Stay #2: New Art Work

I did these and many more at Natchaug Hospital. The portraits are in pencil, but the most colorful — interiors, which I have never done before — were done with Crayola watercolor pencils, a medium I have never used.


A dragon with a, hmmm, long tongue and eye in its mouth…


Girl, Playing Soccer

Most of these images, but not all, were taken, or copied from photos in National Geographic. Once in a while — the dragon for instance — I “made them up.”


Man in plaid hat
Interior #1: Cafe with Yellow Tables, Window and Mirror

The above was the first interior I ever tried to do. It is a bit crude, and not all of it made it into the photograph, but hey! Anyhow, I am not sure how many photos I can put into a wordpress post, so I will stop here and do a third entry above.  If you have not read about my Natchaug Hospital stay, it is in the post below, which I wrote tonight as well.


Be well,




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