AprÈs ski? APrès 40 Inches OF SNOW!

If you look at the car in the background, you will see the depth of the snow! My car in foreground had already been cleaned off completely an hour before…
my homemade vest and booties, made from an old jacket. The bootie soles were cut from old work mittens. All hand sewn.

5 thoughts on “AprÈs ski? APrès 40 Inches OF SNOW!”

  1. It’s been a while since I visited your blog. I didn’t receive a response from you when I commented on your post last August but I saw you already approved my comment and it already shows up. It’s good to see you’re doing really well and enjoying the snow over there hehe 😀 Nice outfit! You’re so talented in recycling things.


  2. Dear Linda/Lady

    It is so weird that I cannot “like” a comment on my own blog, or any other, but whether i sign in to WP or not, it NEVER lets me click “Like”…So I clicked on Thumbs up! Anyhow, I had always wanted to try making shoes, and it is still my quest to make some from scratch that are useable outside. But since I had cut off the jacket sleeves to make my vest I decided to use their boot top shape to make me some après winter activity booties. I found an old pair of long work gloves and cut out a sole shape from each, then with some thick thread stitched them into the bottoms of my booties. But the problem remains that even with elastic at the top and a closure at the ankle, these still come off easily. So while it is not back to the drawing board entirely, there is clearly something I am missing! Anyhow it was a fun exercise with a cast off jacket that I can now use as vest and booties and I didnt spend a penny for them!

    Hope you are enjoying winter. We just had a good 40 inches of snow fall within 24 hours! Love it!!!

    PS NOW it lets me Like your comment, but I cannot do a thumbs up and the first time I posted this it refused it! Go figger.


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