Why I QUIT Amazon.com and How You Can Too

I recently sent the letter below to Amazon.com. For those who wonder, I used the name they still had on their account for me, as my new name, Phoebe Sparrow Wagner, was not recognized. In return, I received  a nominal customer service email, but none of the promised (or implied) follow-up after that.

The art posted at top was designed for a stop restraints and seclusion group logo in California, which ended up not using it.

Please feel free to use my words as a model or template for your own.

Solidarity! and in several other languages (chosen mostly at random): Solidarité! Solidarność! Solidaridad! Undod! סאָלידאַרישקייַט, համերաշխությու,სოლიდარობა Mshikamano!Umodzi! Ubumbano! تضامن (tadamun), Dayanışma,солідарність!


To Amazon.com

After reading about the conditions in your workplaces, and the careless disregard you, as Amazon, have shown for human dignity and the basics of humane treatment of your employees, I have decided to cancel a Prime membership I have had since its inception.  I have shopped at amazon and been a loyal customer since you began. Indeed, you even sent me a coffee mug with your logo that first year. But no more. Not only am I quitting my prime membership but I  will no longer shop at amazon.com or use any “benefits” that amazon claims to offer. Good bye and good riddance.


Pamela S Wagner
A once extremely loyal customer, leaving In disgust


3 thoughts on “Why I QUIT Amazon.com and How You Can Too”

  1. Thank you for this response. Yes, indeed. While I hesitate to say anything that would make me seem somehow morally superior to Amazon, I do think that people need to recognize that some corporate behavior — or maybe corporate behavior in general and by definition — hurts workers, hurts people, all of us, when their greed is allowed to govern and control everything. We all of us need to change our patterns of consumption, and recognize that the world will die if we keep up our insatiable need for constant economic “Growth”!


  2. I left Amazon last year. It was caused by an accumulation of news reporting I’d heard over time. And then a personal experience with rude customer service finally got me to rethink my entire relationship as a customer.

    I simply no longer wanted to be associated with Amazon for the sake of my own conscience and mental health, not to mention for the sake of the ideal of a free and just society. I don’t like the direction the world is heading in and Amazon is among the worst in leading us down this dark path.

    We each have to draw a moral line in the sand. If we don’t, in our submission to each act of lesser evil, we will find ourselves in the midst of a greater evil that we ignored until it was too late. The situation is really that desire, even though few have realized it yet.



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