3 thoughts on “Important Video about Psychiatric Torture”

  1. considering that I was put into a restraint chair (9 points) in 2016, even though I was calmly conversing with aides at the time, I think I can safely say it IS still being done, and maybe more so now…Horrendous to know this, but in Vermont the use of restraints has gone UP not down in recent years. Connecticut of course was always abusive of its psych patients and no doubt in my mind but that it continues to ignore us completely, in favor of abuse and murder. Thank you so much for being in contact, and for following my blog. It amazes me still how many people believe this sort of “care” went out in the middle ages…

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  2. Hi Pamela. I’ve been following your blog for at least a year and decided it’s time to say hi. I have been a therapist in private practice in Vermont for 45 years, but when I was 19-21 I worked as a psych aide at the Institute of living. This was maybe in 1967+? I was so enthusiastic about psychology when I started but the shock of how people were treated was stunning. I could (and sometimes do) tell many horror stories. When I left I promised myself I would never again work in any institution which mistreated patients and I never have. Reading and listening to your blog brings it back vividly! I am so sorry about what was done to you and others, and I fear it’s still being done.

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