Art in Progress

I did this chair tonight with drawing  Vine charcoal I made in the grill. I peeled wild grape vine  then roasted the pieces in wired-together tin box pierced with a nail to let out the gases, for an hour..Inside after that was nice black vine charcoal!

Chair drawn with Homemade Vine Charcoal














The Second piece is my drawing in progress of which I will try to post a few stages..I have not come anywhere near to finishing it! Nor do Have any idea what it will look like when done!

#1 in Progress Art

In progress #2

Drawing in Progress#3






2 thoughts on “Art in Progress”

  1. The real trick is 1) PEELING the grape vine or willow twigs and using big enough pieces as it shrinks a lot 2) using a decent enough metal box that does not deform or burn through in the fire…Otherwise it is a cinch and I believe a lot cheaper than buying it!

    Yep I LOVE making do, and repurposing as well. I would love to do this more! Esp with other like minded folks! I made pens with twigs and ink with the husks of black walnuts at Alyssum. It was very satisfying!


  2. Wow I cracked up when I saw that middle finger! I never realized you could make charcoal so easily. My homeless friend is always looking for new writing instruments to use for drawings. He is amazing at finding pencils people have discarded, even eyeliner pencils.


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