Avenging Angel in Gouache - Abstract approximately 7 by 8 inches
Avenging Angel in Gouache – Abstract approximately 7 by 8 inches


Lots to say about the situation I am in up here in Vermont, where my assistant, the person hired to help me and make sure things go okay turned out to be a common criminal. But I am too tired and worn out by having to deal with the mess left in her wake to write about it. Suffice it to say that she stole my debit/credit card number and racked up multiple charges, was apparently drinking even in the mornings without my knowing it, and driving me at the same time. She had a hand bag full of narcotics not all of them prescribed to her, but even if they had been, what was she doing, taking narcotics and drinking and driving?!


Things were even worse than that, but as I said, I am exhausted and cannot go into it all now. Needless to say, she has been fired and is gone, is out of here…But she has left a mess and misery in her wake all around. What a mess maker! And I think she was the one who was stealing from me all the while last winter when I had people staying with me to prevent a hospitalization…Why did  I once trust her implicitly? Where do I find these people and WHY do I trust them at all?


I should have known something was wrong when I saw her handbag full of Percocet and Xanax and VIcodin and fentanyl patches etc. It was ridiculous…and then to have her buy a case of beer? But I thought “well, a beer once in a while is harmless.”…I didn’t know she was drinking at breakfast and also while driving…I am such a dimwit!

5 thoughts on “AVENGING ANGEL: NEW ART”

  1. Pam, in the immortal words of Somerset Maugham “good riddance to bad rubbish”. You will undoubtedly ” pick yourself up, dust yourself off and start all over again” EGAD Carole, enough with the cliches. Dim witted you ain’t! Amazing the methods we choose to tell ourselves something! However, I wouldn’t necessarily simply embrace the all too obvious “I’m just too trusting”. Let this experience sink in a little deeper and dig a little deeper to see which beliefs you hold that are attracting these types of experiences. Much affection as always, Carole


  2. Oh, Pam, what a disaster, but the person victimized by such a creep is not the evil one. You are ill, needy, trusting, virtuous. If you were evil, you would be more likely to recognize evil in others.


  3. Thank you Hope, I appreciate your comment. It is only because this has happened *several* times before that I made that “dimwit” remark. I feel as if I must be wrong, even evil, in some profound way to attract these sociopaths, and in some cases real psychopaths. People tell me that it isn’t my fault, that these types simply “sniff me out” as gullible and super-trusting. Nevertheless, I usually end up feeling that it must have been me in some deeper more characterological way that depended on my being bad too.

    For the information of anyone out there reading this, by the way, there is a difference between sociopath and psychopath though many people use the words interchangeably. The sociopath is not as intelligent or as cunningly devious as the psychopath, so his or her path of misdeeds is not as cleverly concealed or indeed as well-plotted. Ted Bundy, the serial murderer, was a psychopath par excellence. Your “garden variety” career criminal, the one who keeps getting caught, is likely a sociopath, because he can’t/doesn’t cover his tracks or plan his crimes well enough in advance to avoid discovery.


  4. I don’t think you’re a dimwit–I think you just gave this woman the benefit of the doubt. We all misjudge people sometimes. I’m sorry she messed things up for you, and I hope you’re okay in the wake of it.


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