Nail Polish BIrd Wading on Acetate Mirror Water

Wading BIrd
Wading BIrd

The bird was  first made of paper clay with floral wire legs, then I added a layer of modeling paste and  white glue. I painted it with nail polish, hence the lack of good detail as nail polish brushes leave a great deal to be desired! The water is a piece of blue acetate film glued to a mirror (both of which I used because i had them lying around…), in a serendipitously rippling pattern. The “shore” is actual dirt mixed with polymer matte medium, which also glued a few stones to the mix (just in case you wanted to know! ). The whole deal is glued to a box top to get it off the “ground.” Do click “Like” if you like this! (It took a whole lot of doing to get it even half right.) Thanks!


By the way, HAPPY THANKSGIVING! And to those who celebrated it HAPPY THANKSGIVVIKAH


One thought on “Nail Polish BIrd Wading on Acetate Mirror Water”

  1. I Love this!

    I have been thinking of you and then, last night was watching a movie (I forgot the title), and in a scene was the train station in New Haven. Was a cozy love story. I hope you are okay, and please do get in touch! I’m living closer to your family now, so a visit would be easier, and close to everything too.

    Wishing you a good day!


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