Art: Killer Nurse and Placid Seascape

We all know what happened next…8.5 by 11″ © Pamela Spiro Wagner All rights reserved.
Boats at Evening, after Monet, 11 by 14″ © Pamela Spiro Wagner All rights reserved.

I do not have a lot to say tonight after yesterday’s marathon writing session, but I wanted simply to share my latest artwork. The first one, the collage, is going to be part of a talk I give to a group in December…I won’t say to whom or where just yet. All I will say is that this is how most psychiatric nurses deal with patients: “You do what I say, or else…”

The seascape on the other hand was simply a doodle I did one day while looking through an art book. I saw this Monet of boats at Argenteuil and thought I would sort of copy it, though not really. I just didn’t have any boats or water nearby to paint, so I figured I would use his painting as a model, a close one, though I clearly did my own thing with it…(And I am no Monet!).

7 thoughts on “Art: Killer Nurse and Placid Seascape”

  1. I think a lot of things are different in Germany vis a vis health care. In Connecticut you could not reside in a hospital unit for a year for one thing, not unless you were considered too dangerous to society to be on your own. There are not enough beds and all general hospitals are short term units… We have one state hospital for long term patients here, and that has a waiting list of months. And of course we have jails and prisons, which house many many seriously mentally ill for years at a time. But i assure you that those “nurses” in prison are hardly kind! Ha ha ha…


  2. I was in a mental ward for a whole year…and we had the best nurses one could wish for. maybe things are different in germany, maybe i was just lucky.


  3. Hi Rachel,

    Please contact me at the About page if you want to discuss the Monet like painting…Thank you so much for all your contributions to Wagblog. I love everything you have offered.


  4. I love your Monet-ish painting. I wish I could buy it, at least a copy of it. Is that possible? Do you sell your work? That is gorgeous, how lovely it would look in a nice matted gilt frame, hanging above my bookcase!

    Killer Nurse, HAHAHAHA! When I was in nursing school, a group of my fellow students dubbed themselves (oh you are going to love this): “Sisters of No Mercy.”

    They were, too! By the way, I was elected class president by my fellow nurse students, an honor I did not seek out. When I realized by the end of the first semester that I am not cut out to be a nurse, I thought I could not let down my much-younger classmates who had honored me so, by dropping out! Thus I kept slogging doggedly away, and made it through to the bitter end, making all A’s or 4.0s, I’ve forgotten now how we were graded. Then I took the final big test that determined one’s eligibility to get a license, shocked myself by scoring in the top 1% in the entire nation, gave the big Class President year-end speech at graduation, got my diploma, obtained my license, and…. I worked 3 or 4 days as a nurse, hoping to get my money’s worth out of my costly education, but I still wasn’t emotionally cut out to do the hard job of a nurse and I knew it, so I abruptly quit, and let my license expire.

    If you have to be a “Sister of No Mercy” to make it in that profession, you can count me out!



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