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Art: Killer Nurse and Placid Seascape

We all know what happened next…8.5 by 11″ © Pamela Spiro Wagner All rights reserved.
Boats at Evening, after Monet, 11 by 14″ © Pamela Spiro Wagner All rights reserved.

I do not have a lot to say tonight after yesterday’s marathon writing session, but I wanted simply to share my latest artwork. The first one, the collage, is going to be part of a talk I give to a group in December…I won’t say to whom or where just yet. All I will say is that this is how most psychiatric nurses deal with patients: “You do what I say, or else…”

The seascape on the other hand was simply a doodle I did one day while looking through an art book. I saw this Monet of boats at Argenteuil and thought I would sort of copy it, though not really. I just didn’t have any boats or water nearby to paint, so I figured I would use his painting as a model, a close one, though I clearly did my own thing with it…(And I am no Monet!).