Where Have All the Multiples Gone?

One of the terrible consequences of the APA’s DSM is the Multiple Personality Mayhem that resulted from that fad diagnosis of the late 80s and 90s. I was hospitalized many times in those years, and I was appalled even then at how this once extraordinarily rare diagnosis was suddenly “popping out of the woodworks.” Somehow, multiples, with their putative history of extreme childhood sexual torture, were everywhere. At any time on a psychiatric unit of 18-20 beds, you might see 4 people supposedly suffering from MPD. It was absurd, but try and point that out to the professionals! No, they were much too busy creating very sick individuals out of the whole cloth of their own — the psychiatrists’– minds!

Even at the time I felt very frightened by what was happening, as I understood how difficult it was going to be, when it was all over, for such patients to come to grips with the fact that their disorders were invented for them by the doctors who wanted to have their time in the limelight. Now that the fad is over, where have all the multiples gone? Have all of them been converted to DID — that is, are they still being lied to? or has anyone decided to be honest with them and admit that the Dx was bogus all along, that they never did have MPD or any other such disorder. That their so called multiple personalities were suggested to them by the therapists and invented for them ditto.

It was a horrendous situation, and one that I do not believe anyone has dealt with completely honestly or fully to this day…Of course not. When did you ever meet a doctor, much less a psychiatrist willing to admit he or she made a terrible mistake, or say, I am sorry, I will make amends. Hah. That’ll be the day.

5 thoughts on “Where Have All the Multiples Gone?”

  1. Hi Linda I think that mpd does exist but is much rarer than they were making it up to be in the 90s, that is all…we had multiples coming out of the woodwork by therapists manufacturing them left right and silly and it was silly!! I do not deny your experience at all I only say that Mpd is rare and should never have become the fad diagnosis it did as that caused huge damage

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  2. Hi Pam,
    I just came across this older post of yours. I know MPD seems too fantastic to be true, and I agree that some shrinks, eager for their chance in the limelight, saw MPD where it did not exist.

    However, my late father really, truly, had several distinct personalities living inside him. I saw clear evidence of this going back to my earliest childhood memories, although he wasn’t diagnosed with MPD until the 1960s, when I was a teenager.

    My dad told me that his mother sexually abused him. I believe him, because his mother touched me inappropriately once.

    I never knew anything about my paternal grandmother’s childhood until years after she died, when I did a genealogy search. Then I discovered that my grandmother was eight years old when her mother died shortly after giving birth. My grandmother was the only girl in that family. Most of her brothers were teenagers when their mother died. One can only imagine.


  3. Yeah, thats the sort of thing that they used to prove to us all the time… Blood tests or blood sugar or something rock hard solid that proved beyond a shadow of a shadow that there were literally five thousand peeps living in that one poor human female body!!!!! Naturally, we wanted to believe the patients, who were doing such a good job of obeying their doctors and behaving like proper multiples…the problem came when they wanted to tell ME i was dissociating too! Thats when i knew for certain it was bogus as hell… Sorry to all the DID people out there but i really think the docs have perpetrated a crime against your humanity and that instead of perpetuating their nonsense, if you can, if you ever could summon up the strength, you should prosecute them all for destroying your lives, your selves (single, sole, and individual), and your sense of human literal integrity. How dare they…and now they propose the ridiculous and dangerous and sick DSM-V with its multitudinous fad diagnoses…i can just see all the newly diagnosed mental cases coming down the pike to fill the doctors offices and coffers…and why? Because they CAN!


  4. Right On Pam as we used to say back then…I worked adolescent locked psychiatry in the 80’s and most of the front line staff where also very dubious about so many “sybils” popping up. Certain doctors were very prone to seeing it and feeding into the frenzy of it all talking to the “alters” when it seemed very theatric.


  5. I actually have a regular reader of my work that has multiples. I read a study once about some research being done about them and they did blood work on them. In the same person, one would have diabetes and another would not. It was fascinating.


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