Two new artworks

Female Torso, posing in tight dress

I took an image off the internet and substantially changed it (enough so that I made it my own, according to those in the know). I wanted to see how to draw folds in fabric, especially how it draped around the human body. It also interested me to continue to study the hand, and I enjoyed drawing these. Josephine told me they were too big. One person said they made the woman look like a man, even a drag queen, but my response to that was, well, it only adds a nice bit of ambiguity, which is fine by me! In fact I prefer that to the clarity of the following piece, much as I know that my brother will love it, and that is is “better” than the drawing that preceded it in this blog (see the entry below).

Claire, older sis and Adriane, the younger, best of friends

Both of these drawing are done entirely in colored pencils. I used a colorless blender sometimes, but mostly used either white or a lighter color on top of the other colors in order to “smooth” out certain surfaces, and on others, like the black fleecy top that Adriane wears, I used only the technique of drawing tiny circles in black on top of indigo blue, to imitate the texture of nubbly fleece.

BTW, I still see some flaws, which I aim to fix before sending it on to my brother, but I won’t masochistically point them out this time…Why flagellate myself if no one else will necessarily be stunned into unconsciousness by them?

I want to write about Joe, but it has been very upsetting, so I am trying to draw a dream I had about him a couple of nights ago…If I am successful, I will post it here. Or I will write about it in time.