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Migraine Continues….Fifth Day…I Feel Desolate.

20121223-000048.jpg As good a headache picture as any…


Sorry…I do get some breaks with Imitrex, but not complete and not for long. Then the pain returns in full and I cannot take another for 24 hours. Or at least 12 hours if I get desperate. I try to wait 24 hours though because I do not want to get a rebound headache.


Anyhow, I am still slowly trying to gather 11 blogs for the rest of the Liebster Award, so I haven’t forgotten that obligation. It is still in the offing, along with everything else in my life that gets put in abeyance when I get a monster migraine. Okay. It’s back to lying down and being still. Thanks for your support everyone. I’ll be back soon.

Have a MONSTER Migraine…

in the midst of a heat wave, with a broken air conditioner, which is why I haven’t finished the Liebster Award or anything else. All in due time, all in due time. Sorry but that is how it goes. The best I can do is post an unfinished painting of mine, which has nothing to do with anything but might partly express a migraine: a black widow spider gripping a brain (though there is no expression of pain on this face). Note that of course the Black Widow has a Biohazard sign on her back or belly instead of the usual hourglass. I was going somewhere with that, but the black paint took so long to dry that I got distracted and finally wiped it off and now it is sitting a shadow of its former self on my easel wondering what I am going to do with it now!



In this godforsaken heat I have made myself a cup of coffee thinking maybe that would help my head, but now I cannot get myself to drink it. So I sit, without airconditioning, in the heat, with this terrible headache, feeling like crap and I really shouldn’t write any more lest I write things I will regret later. So, I will only bid you a pained TTFN (Ta ta for now).