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Okay, so this is a reprise of something I posted before without fanfare, but I think in these cold winter months we all need CHEESECAKE, so why am I hiding this lightness under a bushel? (I know I know it is ridiculously simple too, but do not be fooled. Try it! It will amaze you. Make you knock your head and think: WHY didn’t I think of this before????)  8D

I post this especially for anyone who takes antipsychotic drugs and has a resulting weight problem, but obviously it is meant for everyone else who needs low cal cheesecake too. 8) Enjoy!

All you need to do is MIX together:

1 container of plain, no fat, Greek yogurt.  Yes, you can use regular yogurt but I have found the Greek kind makes this cheesecake extra thick and delicious. Usually these are around 100 calories (also extraordinarily high in protein, if you care).

1/4th of a package of Jello instant low calorie, no fat, cheesecake pudding mix.

Top with your choice of fruit- strawberries or blueberries, or even a few nuts or three or four semi sweet chocolate morsels (if you can actually eat that few…) et VOILÁ!

Try it, it is really an unbelievable dessert, especially if you have not had one in a long time and really want to taste creamy richness of cheesecake without guilt.

Greek yogurt: 100 cal.

Jello pudding mix 25 cal.

GRAND TOTAL for a whole 8 ounce dessert => 125 calories!!!!!!

Now, that is all I use, but if you really want a crust, Lord love you if you NEED a crust, you can do this: break up a couple of graham crackers and mix them with a little of the yogurt to moisten them and press this mixture into the sides of a custard cup and chill it a while until firm. Spoon in rest of cheesecake and chill again for a couple of hours.