These musicians are made of paper or cloth mâché and some paper clay. The instruments are likewise paper mâché and paper clay, with a few embellishments on guitar. About 14” tall and 14” wide as group. Singer is third member still to come.

3 thoughts on “PAPER MUSICIANS, 2 of 3”

  1. Hi Carole

    Great to hear from you! Yes contact me if you do come to VT! I dunno about the piano player looking like you, only the hair maybe? But in any event I used no model and paper clay is difficult to model faces in so im just glad she looks human!!!


  2. Hey Phoebe…That pianist looks like me, if only I could play the piano.

    Beautiful Work!

    My next book is live on Amazon now, :The Secrets of Skinny” by CJ Knapp. Now I start the sequel to Who Took Hannah. Title will be The Search for Hannah, Action mostly in rural Louisiana again. Carole


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