4 thoughts on “Lady Liberty and dying asylum seeker child”

  1. My country is pretty horrible towards people who come here through unofficial channels, and like US they call them ‘illegals’ as if there is such a thing as an illegal human. Our government – a conservative one – claims that they have a ‘mandate’ to do as they please but really is it worth the 6 billion a year to keep around 5,000 people out? Surely it would be cheaper to buy them a house, and with the left over send them to school. All this marching around blaming immigrants is doing is fuelling the far right – and look what happened last time those guys were in charge.


  2. It’s heartbreaking, isn’t it, Phoebe? Especially for those of us who know how it feels to be treated like our pain and suffering doesn’t count, because our lives don’t matter.

    “Everybody counts or nobody counts.” That’s the mantra of LAPD Detective Bosch, the fictional protagonist in Michael Connelly’s bestselling novels. It’s my mantra, too.

    I love your art, my talented friend.


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