7 thoughts on “Recovery from “chronic schizophrenia””

  1. Thank you Scarlett for your very understanding and empathic comment. Yes, the path has been rather strange and intense to be sure. Marie, I knew you would have no problem with the name change! Thank you!!!


  2. Wow that was intense. It must be confronting to illustrate what was done to you, that’s a brave thing to do. It’s terrifying also how suddenly and strangely that the schizophrenia came on and how harsh it is.

    I found Betsey fascinating, how you built a person and how beautiful she was, she is a metaphor for you right? To me she looked like a Klimt, then later you’ve made an artwork of The Kiss, it was lovely and I can see his influence in your work which is very pretty too. There is a wonderful intricacy to all your work, the mathematician in me finds that especially cool.

    What a hard strange path you’ve travelled. You’re amazing.


  3. Hi Phoebe, I will call you any name you want because to me names are just that. It is the spirit of the person I care about and you have a great one darling. I read the pdf presentation all through and as a psychotherapist, I feel like weeping. I am so happy you discovered the choices you had, and you made some great ones like moving to Vermont. I am equally so happy you discovered Art and am honoured to have a potrait from you right there in my sitting room. All the best at the event Phoebe.


  4. Hi Phoebe Sparrow! Yes, I was talking about the pdf file. I thought it was a short book. It’s great!

    I remember feeling very frightened when President Kennedy was assassinated. I was 9 years old at the time. But for me, the trauma around that, actually began with Kennedy’s election to the Whitehouse. My dad was a fundamentalist minister then, and he believed that the Pope was the anti-Christ and the Catholic church was Babylon, or something weird like that. Having a Catholic president for the first time ever put my dad in an emotional tailspin. And then, when the Cuban Missile Crisis happened, oh my Gosh — all my dad preached about was The End Of The World is coming Soon! I had many nightmares as a child about nuclear war. The duck and cover drills in school did not help, either. And every day going to and from school on the bus, we passed by a missile silo. So it was all very traumatizing.

    War is insane. And nuclear war is the ultimate insanity.

    But my dad — whew. When I was a teenager, my father was diagnosed with multiple personality disorder. He definitely was more than one person. He quit the ministry and became a hippie, pot smoking, motorcycle riding Buddhist when I was 12. By the time my dad died at age 53, he was in the process of becoming a….. Catholic!

    So yes, my childhood was a bit odd, lol. But, thanks to DNA testing by Ancestry dot com and 23andMe, it looks like my dad was not my biological father. I remember my mom taking me to meet her old boyfriend when I was 5 years old, and telling him that I looked just like him. If my memory serves me correctly, he had piercing turquoise colored eyes, like mine. Which no one else in my family, other than my kids and granddaughter, have.

    I hope you are doing well today, my friend.


  5. Hi Linda,

    Whoops, I think I forgot to tell you I am cHAnging my name for real, to Phoebe Sparrow Wagner, by which name I have called myself privately since 5th grade.

    When you say, Book, do you mean the Insanity Trip I just posted, or some other? The Insanity Trip is not a book, just a pdf file of a talk I plan to do at Alterntives conference in dc in August, .but glad you liked it or some other!


    Phoebe sparrow


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