Final presentation of “GOING SANE”

Would love your opinions and anyone to share this if they can! The slide show i mean…below…!AoRt2vNBR5wniy8G–EOk7GXN9X4Going Sane

5 thoughts on “Final presentation of “GOING SANE””

  1. Jeff, woukd it make you happy or sad to know that i am speaking next week to a class of Yale students who may be doctors in the making?
    Im hoping they have seen this already but if not i am bringing it with me.



  2. Yes, i read and downloaded and sent this report to friends when it first came out at least a couple of years ago…i am not sure why they say this is the first time it is bring made public, but maybe it was not in widespread release, i dunno. In any event i am very glad to see that now i am not going to be screaming into the dark any longer!! There will still i guarantee you be those who claim that they are doing very seeeeriously ill schizophrenicks (sic) a disservice with this report, but they are the ones who will never in their lives admit to how much damage their drugs have done us either,..

    thanks for watching and commenting in my dead of night! ( it is probably midmorning or noon there, no?)


  3. …not quite finished, but I see a problem, that NVC works for our conscious,(and peaceful, and liberal) goals, but that folks in all other areas end up simply punishing and overpowering, and folks trying to help that, understand it . . .yeah, the reason the caveman approach is so prevalent isn’t really conscious, so that’s not a comparative situation. That’s sort of my two-years ago now new insight: it’s not a conscious, debating sorta thing. When one of the world’s apparent hammerheads responds to talk with an offer to beat you into submission, that’s not a dodge, that really is the evolved, functioning argument for that. I kind of think the unconscious violence – the discipline of children and the warrior society it supports – needs some promotion, some effort and some time to even become a topic, to even get where it’s a topic and conversation about it is even possible. And perhaps I’m a delusional poor elitist, but I kinda think it needs to be top down, like from the universities, to the coming doctors and researchers. You know I think it’s like a protected behaviour, like we’ve set up our lives to make sure we can’t look at it, can’t see how it works, an evolved protected behaviour, so if we can’t see it, we’re not in danger of fucking it up. The behaviour is unconscious, and there’s a cover story in place – discipline makes you “civilized” – so even when a few crazies/shamans/schizotypals see the truth, the majority won’t re-open the question, they have their answer. This way, we beat our children – yes, and our outliers and everyone else – and the adults are violent, and the tribe is strong, safe from The Other, and we can’t as a group of any size all find religion and lay down our arms by accident and so allow ourselves to be wiped out by the group next door. Protected, aggressive survival behaviour, so far at least, safe enough to leave those of us smart and sensitive enough to see it and care twisting in the wind, shouting the truth to closed ears.

    Sure nice to have folks I can talk to though. Thanks, Pam. (My first “writing” in a bit, I’m gonna copy this for use elsewhere, maybe.) And now I’ll finish your powerpoint.


  4. Great slideshow Pam. I love the way it draws on your talents, studies and lived experience to produce something beautiful and powerful. Art, politics and humanity brought together seamlessly.

    Dunno if you’ve noticed but there’s a real head of steam building up to abolish the category “schizophrenia” and to drop the negative baggage from “psychosis”.

    I reckon The Hearing Voices Network deserves most of the credit but over the past year a lot of prominent mainstream clinicians, researchers and organisations have jumped on the bandwagon. Here’s a recent example from the BPS which still insists on casting psychosis as a ‘problem’ but nonetheless represents a major break from their previous extreme othering of those who experience altered states of consciousness.


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