Julie Mad Blogger Interview Recorded at Link Here…


5 thoughts on “Julie Mad Blogger Interview Recorded at Link Here…”

  1. Pammy, I have listened to almost all of this interview and so many feelings I don’t know what to say, do or write. I am repulsed, speechless some, proud of you and honoured by our friendship


  2. in the late 60s, early 70s, you could buy these ceramic mold dolls, like the smiley-boy dolls . . . well, we had one in my family growing up, a bust of a man and a woman, stretched out, sort of, Easter Island style, and we kids bought it for my folks, Christmas 1970, 71, 72, somewhere in there, because the man looked like Dad, his crew cut, the high cheekbones. Well, that little statue has come to me since my parents’ and brothers’ passing, and I set it up to destroy it, put it right beside the light-switch in my basement suite here, and sure enough, middle of the night, I crashed it to the floor. In my first impulse – fuck it, lose it, along with everything else – I threw it in the trash, but a day or two later, I dug it out again, with exactly that plan, to glue it back together with something pretty, try to not only get it back but improve it – certainly the symbolism of it, for me and my family, will have been improved.


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