5 thoughts on “Crazy Lady Mental Patient Rap with the Protocol 25 Band”

  1. Any medical specialization suggests help patients. It would sound totally wildly, if a doctor to aim not to help the sick, but save someone else, from anxiety, which cause patients. But exactly such help declare psychiatrists. They input into practice the concept of the painful perception of reality. Morbid thoughts, feelings and aspirations. According to their own ideas, will of man is the disease. That is the man himself and is an disease.
    Treatment is an deliverance from illness. Therefore psychiatric treatment is an deliverance of man from himself. Nothing else after all not obtained!


  2. Ahhh! Well now you guessed correctly that in fact I was not even using a mic but the iPad Pro on a stand… my only mic is USB and for some reason the rest of the band did not want to record into my laptop but onto the iPad — not sure why we did it that way but we did … if we have a chance to rerecord next year when Jordan is in town I will insist on using my mic!


  3. It’s not that it sounds bad – though it would sound better if sharper – but that despite the fact the vocals are enunciated clearly and high in the mix I still had to listen pretty closely to get the lyrics in places because the sound is a bit muddy. Dunno what you were using for a mic but you could try putting it closer to your mouth with the gain a little lower.

    I notice your clip about making an iPad stylus has a clearer sound despite some background buzz/white noise.


  4. Yeah, no doubt we should…But it was the best we had at the moment…Is it really bad sounding to you? I only have a lap-top at the moment so I don’t know what it really sounds like to someone with sound equipment. Actually I don’t know what it sounds like to anyone else at all…SO I guess you told me already! 8)



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