Buy Wild Artist Sneakers Here!

Sorry these photos below are so terrible (I got the better ones above and  inserted them later) but I had to photograph the computer screen to show you what these sneaks are “like” before you click the link to take you there…Pretty cool, eh? All the products in my Zazzle store are designed by me, from my own artworks. I don’t know how long I will keep anything up for sale there though, because it is  grotesquely consumeristic, so if you happen to want a pair of Wild Artist Sneakers, I would purchase a pair now, while I still offer this design.

WIld Shoes designed by Pamela SPiro Wagner for Zazzle
WIld Shoes designed by Pamela SPiro Wagner for Zazzle


5 thoughts on “Buy Wild Artist Sneakers Here!”

  1. To Inkbiotic,

    Thank you so much for the mystery blogger award nomination but alas, i must decline. Although flattering and useful, I find these award requirements just too taxing on my time and there is simply not enough of that for all that i need to do already. i do thank you for thinking of Wagblog nevertheless.

    Pam Wagner at Wagblog.


  2. My gosh, I love the artwork on these sneakers. I was hoping that I could buy them this month, but the month has just begun and already we are hit with unexpected bills. Maybe I can talk my husband into buying me these for my birthday. But that won’t be until May. 😦

    I wanted to let you know that I am taking a break from blogging for awhile. This isn’t a New Year’s resolution, I’ve given up on those! It’s just that I made a resolution last year, on January 1, 2016, that I would finish my memoir before the year was through. This did not happen, not even close. And when I looked back over the past year and asked myself WHY I did not achieve my goal, what stood out in my mind were all the hours I spent in a typical day, reading and commenting on blogs.

    For this reason, I have made my blog private temporarily and unfollowed all of the blogs I was following. I miss my blogging friends already! Hopefully I will finish my manuscript and be back soon.

    God bless you in this new year! ❤


  3. WOW — eye popping. I LIKE these!!

    Please keep these available for at least another month. My December money is gone. ❤


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