5 thoughts on “Slide Show on Restraints and Seclusion”

  1. Dearest Marie, Thank you so much for your comment. I don’t know why I am not noticed about these danged comments but I seem not to be,,,So I am late in responding but I do thank you and cannot wait to see you whenever it may be. Love love love, Pam


  2. My darling pammy, I know all this has been and is still so hard, traumatizing and even terrifying. I missed coming to visit this summer but am definitely coming next summer. The jail I walked into for 5 days to visit you last year known as ‘Brat Retreat’ made me cringe so bad.
    Love you loads Pammy, you are one of the awesome voice of the voiceless— keep it up as much as you can.
    I love your profile photo


  3. Oh… it breaks my heart, the things that you have gone through. It breaks my heart to know that the things I went through, and witnessed, almost 50 years ago when I was a teenage patient in a state insane asylum, are still happening today.



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