4 thoughts on “Rep. Donahue’s Article About ED care in Vermont”

  1. Thankyou Pamela Spiro Wagner. This is a great article that highlights the plight of the most vulnerable people in our society. The abuse documented is horrendous and not worthy to treat a dog let alone a human being in severe mental distress. This will continue while drug companies as the most powerful mental health lobbyists are allowed to write their own legislation which is there to promote the use of their products. Mental health ‘CARE’ needs to be about ‘CARE’ not profit. Caroline Goldsmith Mental Health Care professional Ireland.


  2. True! Even if they do they can’t seem to communicate the most vital information from one to the other with any accuracy, except to violate patient confidentiality regularly and then, figure out clever ways to lie and say they are completely innocent of harming anyone and “were only doing their job.” BTW, my friend says the following, Let’s slam HIPAA back at them. We can get our records and very little can stop us. Slap the law back in their faces. We really have to be persistent with this and I know we’re up against big money, too. Are you familiar with Dorothy Dundas’ work? Go look her up if you haven’t already. I’m amazed at the ways that we are thinking outside the box to invent solutions to say f you these institutions, help more people stay clear, and find a better way. The times they are a changin, Pam.


  3. Pam, They keep saying they don’t know what to do with the involuntary treatment patients. Why not stop using force? Force won’t work. How about caring, love, understanding, listening, good housing, food, heating systems that work, clean water, private quarters, respect, a job where you are valued. The same rights as others. All humans should have community but apparently anyone seen as “mental patient” doesn’t get community. We get Right to Lockup and drugging. This is what needs to change, as you and i well know.


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