Natchaug Hospital and Trauma-related artwork (plus…)

This is how I felt after one incident, #2, which involved a very physical “altercation” and restraint, and actually culminated the next night in that seclusion event I wrote about yesterday.
I call this picture “utter” because 1) I was unable to speak or utter any words for 8 days after the first physical assault on my person, and because I felt utterly — well everything, betrayed, abandoned, impotent, hopeless, helpless once they locked me alone in that seclusion room…
This is a more “controlled” as it were depiction of the seclusion incident, done a few days later, but still obsessed with it (largely because NO ONE would honestly discuss it, or let me. They just wanted me to forget it, leave it alone…No one would even admit taking part it in, but flatly denied even being on duty that night.

This was a picture I finally finished at Natchaug…Not trauma related. I call it Wonder.
“Up for Interpretation” – a birthday present for my friend Tim.



Portrait of her son, and present for my favorite visiting nurse