Pencil Portrait – Our Prez

This is the first time I have tried to do a truly realistic pencil portrait, and I guess for the first attempt it is okay, but I can see only the flaws in it! I have been informed that this image may have been taken from a copyrighted photo, so I may have to take it down. But for now, I assume that I have few enough readers that no one will object to my exhibiting such an amateurish attempt, and one done purely for my own pleasure as well self-training!

One thought on “Pencil Portrait – Our Prez”

  1. Dang dang dang! Now I can really see what is wrong with it, and it is unfixable, but by drawing another picture. Oh well, it is only my first attempt! Shall I tell you? Oh, it is so obvious! The guy has too small a head, I mean, the part above his eyes is too short. I couldn’t see that before. I knew there was something wrong, but I have been looking at the drawing for a week, and was too “close” to it to see what it was. Finally I figured out what had been bothering me. And that is what it was. Dunno why I didn’t see it till now, as I even held the picture in front of a mirror, which is usually a foolproof way of seeing imperfections. But maybe it only works with R-L problems and no Up-Down ones….

    Anyhow, enough from me! Anyone else see other big time flaws????



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