Rate these posts, please? Help us…

make this site more interesting. To find the “rate this” area, click on the title of each post. When you are taken to the next window, scroll to the bottom and choose the number of stars you think the post deserves.

Much appreciated,

“The Management”

NOTICE: the “identicon” next to each commentator’s name is an avatar based her or his email address automatically generated by this site. It was not chosen by anyone in particular.

2 thoughts on “Rate these posts, please? Help us…”

  1. THanks for your honesty Chris, maybe I will look for a “theme” that is a little easier on all our eyes (the stark white hurt mine, but there is one that is a soft cream color that might work….)


  2. Have enjoyed following your posts in their great variety, the poetry, artwork; also your thought provoking articles documenting your personal experiences often highlighting/ researching very valid concerns and gaps in knowledge of ‘brain-wave’ function…

    Know you are interested in visual perception, and as you have asked for feedback to be honest I must just say for some reason my (63 year old) brain struggles with your new’light on dark’ text.
    Seems to have a SAD type effect on me, sorry to say!!


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