How trump wins in novemBer…

I am no longer concerned about the tepid, milquetoast candidate Biden, whom most of the country hopes will beat Trump in November 2020. I was concerned. I was concerned that Biden is too middle of the road and lukewarm to promote anything like progressive policies and I feared he simply wanted the USA to go backward, “back to the halcyon days of Obama’s presidency”.  But now the fact that Biden is tepid has faded to meaninglessness. 

Now I am fearful, indeed terrified, that Trump will WIN the election and not by his usual cheating, but hands-down, popular vote as well as electoral college.

How could this evil SOB actually win the election somewhat fair and square? This is how: we have seen how the Senate refuses to negotiate with the House about extending funding for various Covid19 assistance programs, including unemployment and a moratorium on evictions, help for mortgages. This has frustrated the House no end. But even negotiations with The Royal Dumpster himself have led nowhere. But Savior Trump now says he will use executive orders to end the deadlock, and he will of course take responsibility himself for having helped people. 

This is of course illegal, because only Congress has the power of the American purse, but — and here’s the rub— when the House objects and files a lawsuit to stop Trump, he and the Republicans, who don’t in general give a flying femtogram about anyone but themselves, will say, “Oh, just look! The selfish Democrats won’t help the American people in these awful pestilential days. No, instead they sue to stop Trump, who wants nothing but to help you!” And just watch the stupid american mind turn in wonder as we vote Trump in again. 

What is more, if Democrats go along with Trump’s usurpation of power from the Congress and allow his executive orders to go unchallenged, he will end or seriously limit payroll taxes, those taxes which pay for Social Security and Medicare. And we all know where that leads. 

But I see no way to stop Trump unless Democrats accede to all of the Republican senate’s 1+ trillion plan, a plan that of course helps few that need help and leaves most COVID-19-related national problems to fester and get worse.

This is mother-forking taken to its most sinister, and the SOB implementing it is demented and diabolical but I have to admit it’s as brilliant as it is demonic, and it is almost strategic…Trump is of course incapable of true thinking or of true strategy, but this evil will pass for it, and I suspect it will work, as the American population that we all are, we are just dumb enough to believe him, and maybe much much dumber than I ever thought. 

CRAP I want out of this god forsaken mother forking country!!!!!!

I really need some hope…