You can Change yourself: Act as if until you act as is

I thought  this article was right on!

would love comments. Have you tried stretching beyond what others think are your limits, what YOU Believe are your limits?  It is possible and truly the sky is the only one.

3 thoughts on “You can Change yourself: Act as if until you act as is”

  1. Julie i thought of you immediately but of course people are wedded to their stories of poor me or I’m so sick I can’t do anything and our culture teaches them, and us, this! It takes courage to break free but since the culture also no longer prizes courage over obedience no wonder few listen to you or to articles like this. They honestly believe the lie that a stable unhappiness is all they can achieve… sad but true


  2. Did you get that off my blog? It’s all true. Act sick, you will be sick. Obsess about every minor medical problem, the problems will magnify. I try to tell people to live their lives. People don’t listen, though, and if I suggest doing something radical, whether it’s applying for a job or moving to less restrictive housing,or not using disease language to describe oneself, I’m suddenly the bad guy.

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