Pencil Drawing: Gaia’s Last

I don’t want to tell you why i drew this or what I meant or intended by it (beyond whatever the title evokes in you). All I want to say is that it was largely drawn in colored pencil on watercolor paper, with a tiny bit of acrylic paints, the black background for instance, and the ecru skin of the blue-haired figure, but not the skin on the other other woman, where all the details as well as the skin itself was done with pencils. It is amazing how forgiving watercolor paper is – usually it is imposssible to erase plain old colored pencils, if they are not watercolor pencils. But on the watercolor paper, you can erase as long and as hard as you like, and the paper will remain intact. So it is not so difficult to get the marks off.

Welp, If you feel like commenting, I would love to hear any interpretations you would like to share. If you give me permission, I will also put them up here with the picture.

One thought on “Pencil Drawing: Gaia’s Last”

  1. I interpret it as the temptation of Eve. She reaches outside of her own body to take the fruit and consume it. After consuming the fruit, she is contemplating giving it to Adam. She then realizes her nakedness and feels as if there is a permanent hole in her soul. Just some thoughts. I love your work.


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