Mary Neal Tells Her Story

I am going to try to embed the youtube videos of Mary Neal telling the story of what happened to her severely mentally ill (but non-violent) brother Larry M Neal in Shelby County Jail, TN, but I am not sure if it will embed or not. Here goes nothing! Ah! It did work, So the top one is first and the second one is last. PLEASE WATCH. and then go to the website mentioned in the post below this one and see more details of what is going on. This never ought to happen in the United States, it is evil, but it does, and it happens far too often. I think Johnnie Cochran would turn over in his grave if he knew what had happened to and within his firm after his death…

Thanks, everyone!

5 thoughts on “Mary Neal Tells Her Story”

  1. A video evidencing the cybercensorship I endure as I write on the Internet to decriminalize mental illness is at YouTube. It is called, “PRISON LABOR PROFITS.” That two-minute film is from my growing library of censorship and cybertorror videos that prove advocating for human rights is attacked online. I have many such films that I am prevented from uploading at my FreeSpeakBlog and at YouTube. I paid someone to upload “PRISON LABOR PROFITS” so that the public could see the illegal suppression of my free press rights.

    Dorothea Dix was a highly effective human rights advocate in the 1800’s. Her reports to legislators about the cruel incarceration of indigent acute mental patients were responsible for psychiatric treatment replacing imprisonment for mentally ill offenders in America and parts of Europe. However, Ms. Dix’s advocacy may have been censored in 21st century America like mine are. Private prisons earn significant profits through high incarceration numbers and inmate labor. Many of my emails, articles, and blogs written to decriminalize mental illness and promote human rights for prisoners in correctional facilities across America are blocked, covertly and illegally edited, and/or deleted from the Internet. This has happened for years. I also record similar cybercensorship against numerous large civil liberties organizations and individuals who advocate online for human rights. Since I am censored, please share my “PRISON LABOR PROFITS” video at YouTube with others. Together, we can assure that liberty and justice for all becomes the reality for 1.25 million mentally challenged Americans who are currently behind bars, cruelly punished for being sick.

    While much attention is focused on torture of War on Terror camp detainees, Americans like Larry Neal, my mentally and physically disabled brother, are suffering and dying inside jails and prisons where they are frequently Tasered, gassed, and placed in restraint chairs for control. (See the 60-Minute documentary on Tim Souders, who died in a Michigan prison on a restraint table). I am prevented by those who censor me from uploading more videos; therefore, interested persons can write MaryLovesJustice, P.O. Box 153, Redan, GA 30074 to make donations for our work and receive a CD full of censorship on film like the “Prison Labor Profits” YouTube video.

    Thanks for all you do to destroy the stigma attached to mental illness, a common and treatable health condition that affects one in five Americans.

    Mary Neal
    Assistance to the Incarcerated Mentally Ill

    Follow me on Twitter, where I am KoffieTime –


  2. On Sept. 26, 2008, and published an article wherein I stated my intention of publishing the Cochran Firm Fraud videos. On Sept. 27, 2008, I was followed and accosted by four vehicles and a USDOT truck, called 911, and no police came to the Chevron station where my six-year-old grandson and I were waylaid for an hour. My family had to come in two vehicles to save us, and that became the subject of the Cochran Firm Fraud Video no. 2 which is posted above. To learn more about my terrorism, please access my Oct. 11, 2009 Blogtalk Radio interview on the Rev. Pinkney show at the link below:

    Other wrongful deaths and abuses of mental patients and other “unacceptably different” people like my brother that occurred in Memphis around the time of my brother’s secret jailhouse murder are at this article:

    (content edited for reasons of space)

    Thank you for caring. We must STOP THE VIOLENCE and decriminalize mental illness in America regardless of the risks of cyberterror, inperson stalking, and brutality used to discourage the advocacy to give Assistance to the Incarcerated Mentally Ill at and to stop other abuses such as I publish in my blog,

    Mary Neal



    There is an empty chair at our Christmas table
    That was yours to fill
    It’s been six long years since you left us
    And we don’t know why – still

    We’ve asked year after year
    But no one will answer our query
    Why was he arrested – why did he die
    Please tell us what happened to Larry

    “No explanation! No records! Stop asking!”
    This is the official reply
    From all the government offices
    “He’s dead – let sleeping dogs lie”

    But we’ll not give up, my brother
    Until we know what is true
    There’s an empty chair at our Christmas table
    That should have been filled by you

    We’ll meet for dinner again some day
    At the Lamb’s great Wedding Feast
    You’ll have a sound heart and clear mind
    No longer last and least

    Until then we’ll help those like you
    Befuddled, confused, afraid
    In jail for mental illness
    May our commitment never fade

    by Mary Neal
    written 12/2007, published 12/2008 (all rights reserved)
    Website –
    Blog –
    Assistance to the Incarcerated Mentally Ill


  4. I was not permitted to say thank you for the comment you placed at my video on YouTube, Pam, and those of other people who managed to get a comment to actually post. I have been told by many people that their comments are not allowed to post, just as mine are not. Many families suffer because mental illness is criminalized in America, and we use Larry’s wrongful death as a worst-case scenario of what happens. We must end the Dark Age practice of locking our most vulnerable citizens in dungeons. I tried to post the statement below at my YouTube videos, but apparently cyberstalkers blocked my URL. My freedom of speech and free press rights are not honored or protected because Larry’s death shows something that people do not wish for the public to know about and demand change. Therefore, intimidation and censorship to block our advocacy for 1.25 million other incarcerated mental patients continues. Please visit my new blog to see individual cases of abuse at, and see my blocked YouTube comment below.


    Thank you for your support. We have been subjected to censorship, stalking online and in person, and more episodes of endangerment since publishing the videos and before. We captured some of the cyberterrorism and online censorship on videos and will publish them. See my blog, and follow me on Twitter, where I am KoffieTime. God bless you for caring. Help by sharing our news and praying for justice, and not for the Neals only.


  5. Thanks so much for posting the videos that help publish the need to move mental illness from criminal justice back to the health care system. Assistance to the Incarcerated Mentally Ill (AIMI) is the online organization founded after Larry’s secret arrest and wrongful death to advocate in the tradition of Dorothea Dix to decriminlize mental illness. Our activism expanded to include repealing capital punishment, eliminating prison profiteering, wrongful convictions, and excessive sentencing. AIMI primarily works to remove the stigma attached to mental illness and enlist support from the community and elected officials to replace imprisonment with treatment for mentally challenged citizens. Larry was a lifelong schizophrenic heart patient who was cruelly incarcerated repeatedly for non-violent misdomeanors related to his mental illness, like loitering, panhandling, and disturbing the peace. Larry did not die in vain. Please visit AIMI at


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