Self Portrait

Self portrait
Self portrait

No one who has seen this has not recognized me, apparently, however simple this portrayal might seem. It was a mere sketch in comparison to the others, I must say. Done late at night, with a hand mirror, with only one decent light, a standing lamp, near enough to illuminate me but clearly casting rather dramatic shadows.

Since then I have been fighting an on-going migraine and so I have not been able or felt up to doing painting of any kind. Cleaned up my apartment under the duress of some visitors coming, but aside from that have gotten nothing of any substance done. I am supposed to be editing my father’s book (the primary author is someone  I’ll call PN but I will refer to it as his book for now, a shorthand for PN and his book) I am supposed to be editing their book but this headache has so laid me low that I have done very little this week. I simply cannot do any difficult mental work when my head is throbbing! At the moment — at the moment I can feel it building back up in the background, though it had been better for a couple of hours (I woke in the middle of the night and stayed up for a while writing this and wandering around trying to shake off my listlessness to do something (I was wide awake otherwise).

Well, no use worrying now. I am yawning so sleep beckons. Must go to bed. TTFN

2 thoughts on “Self Portrait”

  1. Pam, this portrait is great! I had no idea you were a painter too. Keep up the good work . . . on the mad pride thing you wrote about: well, as someone who has had depression, mad to me is suffering not fun. I would not want my depression-affected thinking to trump my sane thinking. Best, D


  2. I do hope you feel better Pam. I used to get a lot of headaches when I was a young woman living in NYC, especially when I would ride the subways, but I have never experienced a migraine. They sound really bad, so do whatever you have to to get some rest. And don’t worry about editing your father’s book right now (which is very considerate of you, by the way). I really like the portraiture work you’ve been doing lately, but, again, don’t overdo. Sorry I didn’t call you, I still have some problems reaching out by phone, but I hope we can chat sometime on Skype.

    My best to you always,



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